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Louis and yourself have been dating for 2.5 years. You had depression,social anxiety,bulimic, and self-harm as icing on the cake. 

When you first met Lou you were having a panic attack because you were over thinking and he was the one to cool you down from that. 

"hey babe. Am going to a dinner with the boys. Want to come?" Lou asked. "Um sure. What time?" I asked. "Around three. Is that alright?" Lou asked.

"Uh yeah thats great." I said. I walked  up and went to our bedroom. I got some clothes which are A red short skirt and a red fancy top. I walked into the bedroom. 

When I looked in the mirror I saw fat, ugly, and weirdness. I had colored hair off bright red. I never leaver liked my normal light brown hair. 

I would always get bullied because of my hair. Also my thick ass glasses. I looked again and saw the same thing. I look to the left of me and see the toilet and my blades between the back of it. 

Come on little one. Do it. Do it. You will feel free and happy again.  they said.No. I can't I promised Lou. I can't do that to him. I said in my mind

Oh please do you really think that Louis William Tomlinson from the band One direction will ever love you? I mean COME ON!!! You don't deserve him. You are just a fat ugly cow. He never loved you. Ever since you met each other. They said again. I mean is just this once.

I walk in front of the toilet and kneel down. I look at my fingers and stuck them down my throat. I threw up. "Hey Babe are you okay?" Lou asked knocking on the door. "Yeah am fine." I said. "Okay. Babe can you hurry I need to get ready too." 

He said. "Yeah babe." I said. I got into your clothes and felt a little less confident in myself as much as before. 

I wash my teeth and made sure that I flushed the toilet. I walk out and see a sad Lou. "Babe can you tell me something?" He asked. I nodded. "Why did you do that again?" He asked. "I-I..." I began to say but then began crying. 

"Why babe?" He asked. " I f-feel w-worthless." I said between sobs. 

"Babe. You can never be worthless you are my princesses. If you done believe me than I will prove it to you. I will tell the bays we can go tonight after right. I want to spend the day with you my love." He said. I nodded.

"I Love you so much babe." I said. "I do to babe. I love you very much." He said kissing my head. 

Lou called the boys saying we can't go and the rest of the night we watched movies and cuddled. I love louis William Tomlinson

Authors note

Hello my loves. How are you good? Well you should because AM BACK BITCHES!!! Sorry for calling you guys bitches because you are obviously not bitches but great readings. Thank you for reading. Many on the way Loves. See you soon. BYE!!!


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