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You and Harry have been dating for 2 weeks now. You have been on tour with them. "Babe I need to go to a recording session. I will be back." Harry said kissing my forehead. "Okay. See you later babe." I said. I shouldn't be left alone. Harry doesn't know about my demons or my social anxiety. I usually don't go to their shows or recording session because I can't talk to people without feeling like being judge or alone. 

I was just sitting on the bed reading a book when I get twitter notification. Harry_styles mentioned you in a tweet. I wonder what he tweeted? Always in you heart @(y/t/n) sincerely Harry.(I am so sorry I kinda had to. :3) I awed at the tweet. But me being the curious fuck I am, I wanted to read the tweets. Some were like 'relationship goals' and 'babes of 2k15'  

But others were saying really hurtful things like 'She doesn't belong with harry.' and 'Why do you exist? I mean Harry doesn't love you. So you can go die in a hole.' I started to cry. They are right love. I heard harry's voice in my head. 

No they are not. Harry I know you love me. I replied in my mind. Are you sure? I mean I could be out right now fucking some girl because you won't give it to me. My mind was playing tricks on me. I know you wouldn't do that to me. I know its you. You stupid demons. I said in my mind again. Yes its us but we are right. He doesn't love you. Just go into the room down the hall to the right, get your lighter, and just burn yourself. They said. I mean I can just do it this once. I said again in mind. Then my feet started to walk to the room down the hall to the right. Yeah just grab the lighter and burn your arm. They said. I did exactly that. Grab my lighter and burn my skin. 

I haven't done it in a while so it kinda sung. I whimpered. "(Y/N) AM HOME" I heard harry come in and yell. I put the lighter away and put my sleeves down and walk out the rest room. "Hey babe." I said with a smile. "Hey I ordered pizza is that okay?" He asked. I nodded. 

"Are you okay?" He asked concerned. "Yeah am fine. Just tired." I said with a fake yawn. "Yeah. Sure. Let me see your arms." Harry said. I slowly lifted my sleeve. When he saw the burns on my arms he had a sad expression. "Babe why?" Harry asked. "The haters got to me. And me being alone didn't help." I said. 

"Babe. You shouldn't do this. It isn't fun. I was in the same boat. I would look at twitter and look up "harry shit." Just to see what the haters were saying. I don't want you to go down that rabbit hole too. I know you have done it before because I caught you the last time too. Please promise me you won't do it anymore (Y/N)." Harry said. "I promise but it going to be hard." I said. "And thats why am here. To help you out the rabbit hole. You are Alice and am the rabbit." Harry said. "That makes no sense because the rabbit drew Alice in the hole." I said with a giggle. "You know what I mean." He said kissing me. 

I am glad to have Harry. 

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