Chapter 10

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Before I knew it...the day had come. Prom was coming up and I was super, super, I mean SUPER excited. I couldn't wait to dance with Levi and hang out with him, maybe even get a couple of kisses or two out of them.
That would be nice.

But anyways, so I bought a new nice pretty dress that was a pretty light blue, and had sparkles all around it. I also bought some black heels, which looked really nice. At home I already had blue nail polish, which I was going to use on the night of the prom. Which, in this case, was tonight.

So I got all ready, put on my dress, heels, and nail polish. As I was waiting for it to dry, I decided to put on some eyeliner and a little bit of blue eyeshadow, just for the sake of it. I never really do dress up often, so whenever I get the chance I So, when I was done getting ready, I looked in the mirror, looking at how amazing I looked.

"Whoa..." I said aloud.

I had just started to finish putting my hair up into a bun when I heard a buzz and I as I reached over for my phone I saw that Eren had texted me. The text read: I'm outside. If you don't come out in 5 find your own ride. I had completely forgotten that Eren was going to pick me up!

I quickly finished putting up my hair, ran down the staircase, and ran as fast as I could into Eren's car. I looked at him. He'd actually combed his hair for once, and he was in a tuxedo, with a medium sized bow at the neck.
"You look nice." He said, observing me as well.
"I was just about to say the same." I told him.
"Why thank you." He said very matter of factly, which made us both laugh as he started up the car.
"So..." I said as he started to pull out of the complex. "Who'd you ask out to prom?" I asked with a smirk.
"I might as well be asking you the same." He retorted.
"I asked you first." I snapped.
"Yeah, yeah." He said, finally giving up which made us both laugh. "I asked Petra out and she said yes." His face started to turn a little red.
"OH SHUT UP! WE HAVENT EVEN KISSED YET!" We both laughed at that remark. That's what I loved about Eren, he would never take anything seriously and was extremely nice. Plus, even if you were mad at him, he'd somehow make you laugh and that's how no one was able to hate him.
"Here we are." He said, pulling up to the front of the school. I hadn't even realized we'd made it so fast.
"I never got the answer to my question, f/n." Eren smirked. I tried to get out of the car but he locked it, already knowing my trick of escaping when I didn't want to answer something.
"Ughhhh fine!!! Levi...asked me out." I said reluctantly.
"YES! I GET $5 FROM JEAN WHOOP!" He yelled, pounding the roof with his fist.
"Aw shut up idiot, that's not even a lot of money." I laughed as I got out of the car.
"Yeah, well whatever, at least I still get paid." He said as he got out of the car.
"Good luck with your prom." I told Eren as he locked the car.
"And the same to you." He replied and we both smiled, and parted ways.

As soon as I walked up to the school, there were multi-colored lights flashing all around the school, and a lot of banners saying things like "Welcome to Prom!" And "Sign in here!" And a bunch of random signs like that.

There was a huge line for the entrance, which was annoying. Eventually, you got to the top of the line, and the lady operating it asked, "First name and Last name please." To which you responded, "F/n L/n." "You're good to go, have fun!" She gave a small smile as I walked through the doors to about the biggest flash of light in my life.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw a bunch of people partying and talking and doing a bunch of other stuff. Music was blaring out of huge speakers and a bunch of kids were on the dance floor, probably the single kids, break dancing. You don't see that everyday. I looked around for Levi, trying to see if he'd gotten here yet or not. I didn't have any luck, so I just went to a table in the back with some punch. I grabbed some, but deeply regretted it, because standing right next to the table was Jean.
"Well, well,'re you doing there f/n? Did your date not show up? Can I be your date?" He annoyingly asked. "Jean, get lost." I replied angrily, not wanting to deal with him.
"Aw, come on but it would be fun! Just me and you...making out..." He continued to talk about some romantic stuff, but I didn't really care, so I didn't listen.

After what seemed like hours of talking, which was probably like five minutes, Jean concluded his statement with, "So what do ya say?"
"She says no." I turned around to see Levi behind me. He looked really nice with his hair combed back and his new, clean, tuxedo. "Because she's my date. So back off." Levi said as he took my hand and we both left, leaving Jean with his mouth gapping open.

"Thanks for saving me back there." You told him happily.
"It was my pleasure, that dude is a dork." He smiled and we both laughed.
"Yeah I agree."
"You look very nice tonight, f/n. You should dress like this more often." Levi smiled and blushed a little.
"Thanks," I blushed. "And the same to you." I smiled back.
"Want to dance, like normal people? Or have fun, like we normally would?" Levi asked with a smile.
"Hm...normal people are boring. Let's ditch this place." I said excitedly.
"Agreed. Follow me." He told me, grabbing my hand and leading me away from all human and social interaction.

The further away we walked, the less I could hear of the bass from the huge prom party that was happening. It was absolutely beautiful outside. The stars were glistening, the crickets were chirping, and the cool night air breezed through my hair.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"You'll see. Just wait. You'll love it." Levi responded.

We continued to walk, further and further away from society itself. Soon I found myself in a forest like place. I could hear frogs croaking, a river dancing downstream, and rocks struggling to keep up with the graceful dancer which was the river.
Are we almost there??? I thought.
"We're almost there." Levi told me, as if reading my thoughts.
We walked a little more, and there, in a nice, open spot, there was a beautiful fountain, with a couple of benches and some roses.

The place was extremely amazing. The moon was perfectly shining down on the fountain, which showed the beautiful movements of the water that feel from the fountain's top. The roses were all blue, my favorite color, and it was amazing. I was absolutely speechless.
"What do you think?" Levi asked, smiling and looking into my eyes lovingly.
"Why do I think....I'm speechless. It's too amazing for words." I replied, sounding as if I was in a distant place.
"I knew you'd love it." He sat down on the bench and I sat down next to him.
"Well then you know me pretty well." I giggled.

He pulled pulled one of the blue roses out of the bush and somehow, there were no thorns on it. He then placed it behind my ear, which made me blush.
"You look amazing." He smiled.
"You know what would make you look even better?"
"I'm not sure, what is it?" I asked, confused.
"This." He pulled out a beautiful tiara, and it was shining in the moonlight.
"I-is it real...real.."
"Diamonds? Yes. I saved up." I couldn't believe my eyes as he put it on my head. My smile grew even wider.
"Thank you so much!" I told him and hugged him tight.
"You know what else would make you be grateful?" He asked again, chuckling as he pulled away from our hug.
"I don't know wha-" And my sentence was cut off right then and there; with the most amazing kiss in the world.
My eyes widened, shocked at first, but then I closed my eyes and kissed him back. After awhile, he pulled back.
"That was even better..." I said, blushing.
"I'm glad." We both smiled and laughed.
He then put his arm around me.
"I love you, f/n. Never forget that."
He whispered into my ear.
"The same goes for you." I whispered back. We both sat there in silence, just looking at the moon and the beautiful scenery in front of us.

After a couple of hours of sitting, talking, goofing around, and enjoying each other's company, it had gotten really late.
"I hate to say this, I really do, but it's time to go back home." Levi told me reluctantly.
"Aw man..." I sighed. "Why can't we do this every night?" I questioned.
"I don't know. It's a good idea though." I blushed.
"You think so?" I asked.
"I know so." He smiled and stood up from where he was sitting, which was right across from me. He then extended his hand to help me up, which I happily took.

We started to walk back in silence, arm and arm, not saying a word to one another. I knew when we were getting close when I could hear the blasting music.
"Want a ride home?" Levi asked as we approached our school.
"I'd love one." I replied. We both smiled as he walked me to his car, opening the door for me as I got in and buckled up. He soon got in the car too, and eventually, I fell asleep.

I don't remember much of what had happened next, but I do remember him picking me up, out of the car, into his house, and placing me in his bed next to him, saying "Goodnight f/n, I love you." As he kissed my forehead and went to sleep next to me, holding me close.

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