Chapter 7 She's always had a pull on me

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          I walked through the woods like I always do and felt an overwhelming sense of pain and despair. Curiosity took over and followed the pain. The most amazing scent ever hit my nose and my wolf wanting more, began to run. There laid a beautiful girl in the dirt. I quickly covered my eyes when I realized she was naked. I took off my shirt and blindly walked over to her and threw it over her naked torso. There that should do. Wait, She looks familiar. I turned in an angle to see her whole face. It was Kadien. My best friend's girlfriend. But what was she doing here laying naked like this? With so much pain surrounding her? Immediately I wanted to crush the skull of whoever had caused her to feel this way! And why did she look and smell so freaking amazing?

"MATE!" My wolf screamed.

    No she can't be! I would have noticed a long time ago. Though I had always felt a strong pull towards her. But she was my best friends girl. I took in a deep breath of her scent again. Letting it surge through my body giving me energy I never thought I could posses. Why have I never smelt her before? 

"She's always smelt like him" My wolf growled possessively. He now did not like the thought of our mate with Garret. I sat down and watched her sleep not wanting to leave.

              Finally the sun had gone and she started to stir. I wasn't ready to let her know.  Man she was dating my best friend for god sake. She would just reject me anyways. Everyone knew she was deep in love with Garret. No guy even tried anything with her or they would have to answer to me. Garret asked me to keep them off and I did. Half of me always knew I did it for another reason but I couldn't let myself think like that. I ran off before she could see me and hid behind a boulder making sure she was safe. She stood up and looked around and brought my shirt to her nose. Her face changed to pure pleasure. My wolf becoming excited at the sight. I covered my eyes again not wanting to invade her privacy as she slid the shirt over her body. My wolf was practically attacking me to let him out. The sight of her was too much for him. I followed her to her car and watched as she dove off. 

               The next day I didn't feel like going to school. Though I really wanted to see Kadien I needed to think about how I was going to deal with this situation. Garret had been my best friend since we were pups, I couldn't betray him like this. I laid in bed all day thinking about how I could be with Kadien. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a burning pain in my chest. I mean the pain clearly knocked me to my knees and I gasped trying to control it. I had never experienced pain like this.

My wolf screamed "Mate Mate Mate" over and over. Both of us realizing this wasn't our pain but our Mates. She was hurt. See when a werewolf was hurt or harmed its mate would feel the pain. The mating bond bound us together in all ways. The only odd part is yes I had found my mate but we hadn't sealed the bond. 

      I didn't think about getting into my car instead I shifted into my wolf and ran to her house. Like I said before it was my job to keep men off of her, including the disgusting rouges that repeatedly tried sneaking into her room at night. Always attempting to get to her. My father being the Alpha of course  Aaron and Andy had informed him on the dangers that followed Kadien when entering our pack. I just never cared to ask why. Garret told me once, that they probably would never stop coming for her. I asked why, and he just replied with 'it's not my story to tell.' Best friends my ass. I didn't mind sinking my teeth into a few rouges here and there though. It worked out for all of us. The whole pack protected her in secret. My father protected her the most though, he said one day she would realize how special she is to our pack, we would just have to keep her safe until that day would come. 

               I ran at a dangerous speed and finally reached her house. I followed her scent to an upstairs room. Thankfully her window was open. I climbed the tree next to her room and searched frantically from outside. She wasn't there. The heart throbbing pain subsided for awhile, while I patiently waited for her to return. I wasn't the son of an Alpha for nothing, I knew that the pain didn't signal danger but that her heart was in pain. Though to me it was the same thing. My wolf growled Garret's name and I calmed him. Explaining we knew nothing of the situation and we needed to wait. Then we could rip his head off.

             After three and a half hours later she finally returned home. I couldn't see her face as she entered the house but I felt that same overwhelming feeling of pain. I watched her walk into her room, picking up my shirt and holding it to her perfect face as she slammed her self onto her bed and cried.  I wanted so bad to run over there and hold her while she broke. But I knew I couldn't, not yet. After an hour or so she had fallen asleep. If you could even call it that. I watched as she was cried and screamed in her sleep. Tears filled her face. I watched her cry into my shirt and I knew she needed me more then ever at this moment. I started to make my way over to her window, finally allowing myself to hold and touch her when a man entered the room. 

              He was tall with blond hair and didn't look a day over 30. His build was strong and his face looked like that of an angels except a bit twisted. He watched her sleep and my wolf started sniffing to figure out who he was. He was a demon. My wolf growled at this vile creature being so close to my mate. He must be Andy. I have not officially met him, as I wasn't to keen on Demons and witches. She looked up at him and smiled. She spoke to him and he responded. Just then a beautiful woman walked in and clutched on to the demon and spoke to my mate. She trusted them, which made me trust them. My wolf calmed at the sight of her face. I wanted so badly to hold her and comfort her but instead I settled on watching her try to fall back to sleep. Causing my heart to break seeing my mate  in so much pain. 

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