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Pen Your Pride

Screaming. All I was doing was screaming. "Will you quit it!" A blonde boy said "I'm protesting!" I said sarcastically. Finally I got someones attention, soon they will make the mistake of letting me out and then I'll kill them. The blonde boy chuckled under his breath "do you wanna be let out and tied in stead?" he asked and I nodded trying to look innocent. "Pan will see if you will be let out, I'm Felix by the way" Felix said to me and I smiled "do you know who I am?" "Yeah and that's the reason why I don't want to let you out of that box" Felix said mocking me as I was in a bamboo cage was on the dirt.  "What are you talking about? Who's "Pan"" I said putting a sarcastic tone on the name. "The person that saved your life, Love" a boy said who was behind Felix. He had brown hair and emerald eyes, I looked into his sparkling eyes. But he looked away and I couldn't help but see him blush. "Don't call me Love" I spat and Pan smirked. "I'm Peter. Peter Pan" Peter said as he came to open the cage I was in. I sprang out and tried to get away. But Peter grabbed me by the waist and swung me over his shoulder. "Put me down PETER!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "We are going for a fly, Love" Peter said laughing and soon I felt my body go up into the air. I hate flying!!!! "But I hate flying!" I screamed as we soon were above the trees. "Well you deserve it. You hurt my lost boys, plus your Captain Hook's daughter. You have extreme value. I'm not done with you yet" Peter said and I did what I had to do. I kicked him in the shin and fell through the air. I didn't even bother to scream because I knew Peter would catch me. "I'm not going to catch you, Love" Peter said as he watched me drop. I'd rather be dead than be around the jerk Peter Pan. I crossed my arms and didn't scream. But I noticed I was about to hit the ground. I closed my eyes ready for impact but no impact came. Peter was holding me in his arms and had a smirk on his face. "I knew you would catch me, as you said you want me alive. I have a lot of value" I said mocking his British accent. He rolled his eyes and put me down. I did a smirk and started walking into the forest. "Camp is this way, Love" Peter said walking in the other direction. "I know. I...I just wanted to make sure no one was following us" I stammered trying to think of a good lie. "Yeah right" Peter said as he walked into camp. "BOYS!" he screamed and about thirty lost boys came to the camp fire. Peter took a pan flute and started playing. I didn't hear the music and Felix looked confused. "Don't you hear the music?" he asked as his blonde hair went up and down as he danced. I shook my head, "Pan she doesn't hear the music" Felix said and Peter nodded. After the celebration was over, only Peter, Felix, and I were up. I glared at both of them as they sat on a log across from me. "If you keep on glaring your going to probably kill me" Felix said and did a devilish smirk (that always got the boys) "That's the point" Peter smirked as Felix looked shocked "she would make a great lost girl" Peter said and Felix nodded in agreement. "Never" I said spitting on the ground, then getting up to leave. But Felix stopped me "you won't be able to find your way out of the forest" I turned to him "maybe I want to get lost" and with that I ran into the forest.....


Peter: Liz ran into the forest and I grinned. "She will either die or let us find her" Felix nodded and walked into his tent. I sat by the fire and watched the embers glow. "I will find you Liz and I will make sure to turn you to my side." I said and then I heard an evil laugh "You really think that? Well Peter Pan, good luck" from the darkness I could see Liz and her beautiful, mesmerizing, magical, eyes.... Stop PETER! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER! Liz walked back into the darkness and I heard her run off. I needed her to trust me and maybe I could save her from an indian attack or convince her to runaway with me after I hand her in to Captain Hook.... That's what I'll do!!!!! Liz be prepared for the amazing Peter Pan. But she's probably going to trick me, ugh! Why does Liz have to be so beautiful and can kill someone so easily! This is going to be harder than I thought....

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