Heart Attack

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Prompt: Sam is possessed by a demon.

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: torturing

Words: 2617

A/N: No, there will not be a second part.


A shrill squeal escaped you as the strong arms hooked around your waist and brought you into a warm embrace. You giggled as the soft lips connected with your neck, nibbling their way up to your jawline and, eventually, your temple. With a sigh of defeat, you slumped against Sam, his breath fanning over the top of your head as he fell back onto the bed, slightly out of breath from trying to catch you as you danced around the room in just your tank top and pajama pants.

"Tomorrow is our one year anniversary," you whispered quietly, squirming out of Sam's grip to fall on the bed, your head immediately going to his chest and one of your hands intertwining with his, since one of your hands was stuck under your body and so was his. "It's not a big deal." You shrugged, your eyes following the movement of his thumb as it traced circles on the top of your hand.

"Not a big deal." He scoffed, the movement making your head bob. "A one year anniversary in this kind of life, Y/N, is a complete big deal."

You sighed. "I know, Sammy, but I don't..." You trailed off. You were never one for big deals. "Can't we just cuddle in bed together watching a marathon of Disney films with Dean?"

He chuckled. "It's cute when you think you're going to get out of this that easy."

"I'm not cute." You pouted briefly, thankful for his inability to see your face. "I'm threatening and dangerous and scary and-"

"I know, sweetheart," he whispered. "But you can also be cute and scary."

"No," you whined, pulling away from him and sitting up, crossing your legs and playing with the fingers of one of his hands. "I'm the dragon and you're the puppy. It can't be the other way around."

He chuckled again. "Rawr."

You looked at him, your eyes meeting his light hazel ones, and you smiled in, yet again, defeat. You huffed and fell back onto the bed as you felt the movement of Sam getting off the bed. "What are we going to do tomorrow then?"

"It's a surprise," he called over his shoulder as he walked towards the bathroom.

"I hate surprises," you muttered.

"I heard that!"

You rolled your eyes, but smiled. Another squeal escaped you when you looked over to see him running towards you, your squeal immediately muffled by his weight.

"You'll love this one," he whispered to you before kissing your nose. "I promise."

"Maybe you'll forget," you whispered back and smiled an innocent smile.

He shook his head. "I promise I won't forget."

"You're making a lot of promises, Sam Winchester," you huffed. "Can you make one more quick one?"


"Promise to get off me."

With another quick peck on your nose, he got off and continued towards the motel bathroom.


You were awoken by the cold, empty space next to you, the King sized bed completely empty as you sat up and looked around, finding no sign of Sam in the motel room.

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