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My sweet, beautiful Madelyn,

You have given me the greatest gift any man could ever hope to receive: your love. As we sit here, lounging in my mother's garden, whiling away the summer, I can't help but reflect on the past ten months. From the first moment I saw you to the first time our lips touched, from I love you to I've lost you to I'll never leave you. Every argument that only made us stronger, every laugh that made my love grow deeper. I'm writing this for you now so that you will have the same insights into my life, my mind, that you gave me.

Always remember this: you are not the other one. You're the only one.

All the love, as always, H. xx

Soooo, I have been working on revising The Other One for awhile, and I think I'm ready to keep that story going. This book will be Harry's pov, and it will follow the same structure of Now and Then chapters.

The story is rated M for Mature and contains graphic depictions of sex, as well as references to physical, emotional, and verbal abuse of children; suicide; and drug and alcohol abuse. Please proceed at your own risk.

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