Chapter 5 'Mine' my wolf growled

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            I walked Kadien to class with a heavy heart. I love Kadien, I do, but yesterday when I went to meet her for lunch Beth bumped into me. Sending a wave of shocking pleasure. I knew right there and then we were mates and I already fell in love. She felt it too, so she told me to meet her in the woods so we could talk after school. We spent all day there, talking, laughing, exploring the passionate feeling that would flow through us with just a simple touch. Our love was different from mine and Kadien's it was destiny. It was fate. Who was I to deny that? I know I had promised Kadien I would deny my mate if I found her. My human side tried, believe me. But my wolf was already possessive of mine and Beth's love. He was stronger. And deep down I really didn't want to fight it. 

      It was hard to hold hands with Kadien in front of Beth. In all honesty it was hard for me to be around Beth without wanting to kiss and touch her. She was my new addiction. I knew I was playing with fire by inviting her to lunch with Kadien and I . I knew I was breaking Kadien's heart. and it would only get worse when she finds out she's my mate. I never want to hurt Kadien. I know what shes been through and she means the world to me. My wolf and I are very protective of her, just in a different way then Beth and I hadn't realized that until I met Beth. The men that hurt Kadien are always after her. But I wouldn't let her know that. I always protected her in secret. And I always will. Kadien has no idea how special she is. 

             The bell rang signalling the end of class. I made my way over to Kadien in a really good mood. Not because of seeing her and I know how painfully mean that sounds but because Beth and I are to meet again in the woods. I know that you think I am an asshole. But its not my fault. We are mates! Destined to be together, and I couldn't stop it. 

"Hey what are you doing after school today Garret? I was wondering if you wanted to come over for awhile. No one will be home until six" Kadien asked giving me that seductive look she only gives to me. 

I wanted to say yes I did. But I couldn't abandon my mate. I just couldn't.

"I'm sorry Kadien that sounds great but" before I could finish she let out a sigh and said "I get it you have somewhere else you'd rather be." she stated. She wasn't dumb. She had survived her past because she was smart and she figured out things quickly. 

"It's not like that Kadien, I have to help my dad. I promised him." I lied. She didn't believe me. That was one of her specialties. She hadn't survived all those years of torture without picking a thing or two about peoples personalities. She nodded and kissed me softly and walked away. I watched her slowly make her way to her car, not once looking back at me. I sighed debating if I should run after her or not. I looked at my phone shoot it was already 3:15pm I was to meet Beth at 3:30. Kadien would have to wait. 

                 I drove to the woods and slowly exited my car and made my way to the spot I was to meet Beth. I had gotten there before her so I pulled out a blanket I had brought and laid on the floor and took a seat while I waited. This technically was mine and Kadien's spot, but now all I could think of here was Beth. Just from one day she had me only thinking of her. I smelt her before I seen her. My wolf going crazy inside of me. 

"Hey Beth" I smiled at her as she made her way to me. 

"Hey" she smiled back. Both of us trying to hold back our wolves. I patted the seat next to me and she sat down and we began were we had left off from yesterday. With her it felt like we were never apart. As if we were always together. I smiled while she talked. "Mine" my wolf growled. 

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