Chapter One

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"Honey wake up, it's your first day of school," my mom said coming in my room.

I groaned and sat up rubbing my eyes. First day of my last year. I can do it.

I swung my legs over the bed. I went over to my closet and grabbed a pair of skinny jeans.

I also grabbed a black tank top and a red and blue flannel. I grabbed my red converse and threw them on my bed with the rest of my clothes.

I walked  into my bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror. I grabbed my brush and brushed through my brown hair.

Watching all the highlights slide through the brush.

I took my glasses off and then washed my hands. I opened my contact case and then put my contacts in.

My eyes were a weird color. Sometimes switching from brown to green, other times green with a brown ring. They are probably the most interesting thing about me.

I turned my curler on. I started applying my makeup. That took about 10 minutes. I sprayed my hair with heat protectant and the curled it.

I walked back into my room and got changed. I looked in the mirror making sure I looked decent.

I ran downstairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a pop tart and warmed it up.

When I was finished eating I ran back upstairs. I always wake up extra early so that I could have time to watch YouTube.

Oh you thought I was normal? You thought wrong. Im probably the biggest nerd in the world.

My hobby is watching a group of people play a video game.

I sat on my bed and made sure my backpack was ready. I clicked on the my favorite youtubers channel and clicked an old video.

While I listened to the video I grabbed my sharpies. I started drawing a henna design on my left arm.

Soon enough the video was over. I shrugged knowing I had an hour before school started.

I click on another video. This time I started drawing YouTube related things. On my right arm. I was ambidextrous.

I drew big red lips for Miranda. Super woman symbol, for, well,  superwoman.

A blue hat for Joey. A dog for Stacy. A Cube. A Purple Apple. An orange lightning bolt. A cookie.

A strawberry. Some tofuu. A shovel. A bee. An orange M. A YouTube sign. Nerd glasses. A creeper head.

"Time to go!" My mom yelled from downstairs
"Okay!" I said putting the sharpies down.

I grabbed my bag and my headphones. I ran down the stairs and hugged my parents before running out the door. I opened my garage and grabbed my penny board.


I pulled my headphones out as I rode up to my school. I looked around at all the new freshman.

So small. So into their phones. But who am I to judge. I'm always on my phone too.

I stepped off my penny board and walked into the Senior building. I went to the Senior counselor and grabbed my class information and locker number.

I walked to my locker. 173. When I got to my locker I laughed at it. Someone at drawn an 8 after the 3.

I opened it and started organizing it. I threw my penny board in the bottom and grabbed my drawing notebook.

I walked to my first class. Home room. 30 minutes to sit in a wild class to do whatever you want.

I walked in and went straight to the back. I was pretty early. Everyone was probably socializing with friends.


The bell rang and I put my phone away. People started walking in. I opened my notebook and started drawing more YouTube symbols. Luckily no one sat next to me.

"Hello class. I'm Mr. Baldwin," the teacher said
"See ya later," some kid shouted as he burst through the door
"Nice of you to join us, choose a seat." The teacher said, I hadn't even looked up yet.

Why look to see who it was. Probably just another jock.

"Hey I like your drawings," the same voice said as he sat right next to me.
I looked up without looking at him to see other seats open.

"Why sit next to me when there are plenty of other seats open," I said before turning to see who it was
"Because you seem cool," he said grabbing my right arm.

I turned and looked into his eyes. You've got to be kidding me. Is this a dream.

Bella calm down. Don't fan girl in class. I pulled my arm away.

"I- uh- thanks." I said and then turned and slumped in my chair
"Jacob?" The teacher called taking attendance
"Here," a tall boy said
"Isabella," he called
"H-here," I said quietly and a bunch of girls sitting in front of my started giggling
"Hey freak, what are those? Drawings to cover up your cuts?" Malory said laughing and pointing at my drawings.

I just slumped in my chair and folded my arms looking at my notebook. Suddenly Malory turned and snatched it.

She started flipping the pages. Smirking. I tried grabbing it but she wouldn't give it to me.

"Ew what's this? Oh wait... Uh Zack I think you and Joe have a stalker..." She said opening to a page where I had drawn Poke on one side and Tofuu on the other side.
"Malory give it back," I said quickly grabbing it and sitting back down
"What a freak," she whispered to her friends
"Hey that's was a really good drawing of me and Joe." Zack said but I ignored him
"Zack," the teacher called
"Here," he said and Malory turned around and winked at him.


Thank god school was over. I raced over to my locker. I unlocked it and grabbed my penny board. I threw my school books in and the grabbed my notebook.

I closed my locker and turned around to see Malory and her friends taking pictures of me. I put my head down  and walked fast trying to get out of the school.

"What's the matter freak?!" Malory yelled chasing after me

I kept walking. Not turning around. She grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

"Listen freak. No one likes you. You're pathetic. And don't forget it. Remember when you and Josh dated? Oh yea you couldn't forget that could you? He was the only thing that kept you happy. Oh wait, but then he came crawling to me. Just like all your friends did." She said and started laughing
"Just leave me alone." I said on the verge of crying
"Oh look she's crying," she said and her and her friends started laughing. I ran out the doors and put my penny board down.

I got on and started going as fast as possible. I just kept pushing off with my right foot. I went straight to my secret place.

I made sure no one was following me and then I backed up behind a bush. I followed the path of purple flowers to the clear pond covered with trees.

I left my penny board on the grass. I started hopping on the rocks over the water, being careful that I didn't fall in.

I got over to the big tree in the middle of the pond and started climbing up.

Placing my feet in the dents I had created so many years ago. I got up to the top. Im a senior and I still have a tree house. Oh well.

I smiled when I pulled my self up into my favorite place. I went over to the small fridge and grabbed a red Gatorade.

I placed it on my coffee table and turned on my laptop. I threw my backpack into my study corner.

"Hey! How'd  you get up there?!" A familiar voice called I looked through the hole to see Zack. How'd he find me?
"Thanks," he said as I threw  a rope ladder down.
"Woah." He said as he got up
"Why'd you follow me?" I asked.

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