Chapter 4 This Is War

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Everyone in the whole world knew what happend to Germany. Everyone was now afraid of him. No one knew what to do. Generals from every marine, army, navy, air force... evryone had a plan to stop him. All the generals came together to decide a plan to stop Slenderman from causing damage to the world. It took them year's to plan out the plan. But finally they made a decision... They called full army's with tanks and sended them to the forrest to stop Slenderman. When they made their detination they started shooting missles to the trees of the enchanted forrest. This got Slenderman really mad. The Trees that were left gave him much more power that it caused him mask, suit and gloves to be part of his skin. This power has him emerge to a massive form that when the tanks were shooting at him one of his tenticles would grab them really quickly and throws them back at them. Because of this they called in the air force to drop bombs into his location. When the air force started drowing bombs, Slenderman got pissed and started to multiply himself. Each of his clones attacked the tanks and the air force untill they decided to retreat.

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