31. First Show

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For our first show, we were in London. Such a beautiful city. There was no time to sight see. We've been at the arena for hours, doing mini rehearsals and sound checks. Everyone was so anxious about the first show. Everything had to be perfect.

After all the sound checks and stuff. Justin disappeared to go meet some fans. We haven't really gotten a chance to speak. It was complete chaos all day. He was in another zone.

I miss him. I wanted to see what he was up to. Excitement was overflowing the arena. Everywhere I went there were crying and hysterical people. Someone pulled me by my arm. I jerked away. It was only Sammie.

"You can't come out of nowhere and pull on me like that!" 

"Sorry. I was just skipping around and thought I'll pull you along, relax. Anyways, where you going?" 

"To find Justin." I whispered so no fans would hear me.

Sammie grabbed my hand and we walked in another direction. 

"You're going the wrong way." Sammie informed. We went to a room backstage. 

"Do you have passes?" Some overly buff guy asked. 

"We're Justin's dancers. We just want to see what Justin's up to." Sammie said.

"He's doing meet and greets. Go away." He spoke rudely. 

"Can you move? We want to go inside." Sammie wiggled her finger in the man's face. 

"No!" He spat.

"Sammie, Ri, what's going on over here?" I turned to find Scooter.

"He won't let us inside to see Justin. He's being rude!" Sammie sent the man a dirty look. He didn't react. 

"Hey man, these are Justin's friends. Don't give them a hard time. Let them go in." Scooter vouched for us.

Sammie happily walked past the man. I went in after her. The words, "you're a dick" slipped out of my mouth. He looked over at me. I gave him a hard stare and continued walking.

When we entered the room there were more crying fans. Most of them were messing up their makeup. I saw a girl getting oxygen on a gurney. I didn't want to laugh, but this sight was ridiculous.

Sammie dragged me to the side of the room and pointed. 

"There's your man." She smiled. I pushed her. 

"Shut up!" 

"Did you think about what I told you yesterday?" She whispered. 

"Yes." I kept my eyes on Justin.

"So what are you going to do?" Sammie ask. Justin looked our way and waved. We returned the kind gesture. 

"I don't know." I looked over at Sammie. 

"You better think fast." 

"Will you shut up?! You're really starting to get on my nerves about this." I loudly whispered.

"Get on your nerves about what?" A voice interrupted. My eyes followed the sound of the voice. Justin stood there looking baffled. 

"Nothing, just girl stuff." I covered up and opened my arms for a hug. He granted me a tight one.

"Sorry, I haven't seen you much today." He whispered in my ear. I held him tighter. 

"It's fine. You're working hard today." I rubbed his back. 

"I feel you're wearing a bra today." He whispered in my ear again. 

"Duh! I don't have just one!" I let go of him. He smirked. "Go back to work." I pointed towards the group of people waiting for him. 

"Okay." He smiled. "I'll see you on stage in a little while." He made his way back to his fans. 

I looked over and saw many questionable, hateful, judgmental faces. Sammie and I left the room. 

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