What The Signs Are Doing For Halloween

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Aries: Feasting on the blood of the innocent

Taurus: Eating all the Halloween candy they were supposed to give to the trick or treaters

Gemini: Bein' a scary hoe

Cancer: Some weird shit

Leo: Turning up at their own Halloween party Time to party ~(-_-)/

Virgo: Bein' a spooky hoe

Libra: Probably at church or some boring shit like that

Scorpio: Turning up w/ Leo My dreams have come true

Sagittarius: Stealing candy from the neighborhood kids

Capricorn: Is too old to trick or treat but free candy is free candy so yolo

Aquarius: Pretending not to be home and giving no fucks about this stupid holiday

Pisces: Doin weird shit with Cancer probably summoned a demon without realizing it but who cares its Halloween fuckers

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