Chapter One- Mate

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Being best friends with the alpha of my pack had its perks. Right now one of the perks was letting my wolf out and run freely among the woods in the middle of the night. 

I loved the way the wind blew against my fur and the way the sky looked as the moon shone above me through the trees.

'We are almost there' One of my Best friends Drew, mind linked me and my wolf grew excited. We were all racing to the lake that separated our pack from the boarder. Our Alpha my best friend Hayes, his two Beta's Colt and Tyler were along with us, and of course Drew and Daphne, who was Tyler's mate and were all my best friend.

As soon as we got to the lake we all drank from it quenching our thirst. The distance From the pack house to the boarder was a good distance so we were destined to be very thirsty by the time we got here which we were use to because We did this run every night together.

'You got water on your little Wolfy face.' Colt teased me through our mind link when he saw me lift my muzzle from the water. I watched as His big brown wolf dipped his nose in the lake and rubbed against me making my silver wolf body back away.

'Stop it!' I laughed.

'He just wants an excuse to touch your soft ass fur, you know that angel.' Tyler told me something we all knew.

'Of course! we all know' Daphne  added and we all laughed through the mind link. 'Let's shift back.' Daphne suggested to us all. 'I want to lay under the moon.'

We all listened to Daphne's suggestion and went behind separate trees to shift back into human form and re- dressed ourselves since we always kept extra clothes out here for this specific reason.

After I put my shorts and shirt on I tied my long hair into a messy bun and walked over to Hayes while passing Daphne and Tyler who were cuddling in the grass.

         Hayes stood in front of the lake watching the sky. He didn't bother wearing a shirt only jeans not that it bothered me if you know what I mean. He had the type of abs and muscles that you want to lick maybe even suck on if he'd let you. Which he would love for me to do that to him.

"Of course I would." I was startled by Hayes's deep chuckling voice.

"Sometimes I forget you guys are always listening to my thoughts." I rolled my eyes.

"Yup!" Ty (Tyler) agreed while sitting  with everyone else. I rolled my eyes once more.

Since we are all in the same pack we are granted the luxury of talking to each other through mind link and reading each other's minds and if you wanted privacy from someone in the pack from reading your mind Then you can simply block people out.
It sounds easy but I'm the only one who doesn't know how to block people out and the boys won't teach me because they love hearing my thoughts, especially my dirty ones.

"I came to see if you were alright." I told Hayes as I stood next to him watching the moon. "You seem...distant."

He was usually cracking jokes with us all like usual. But tonight he was quiet and separated himself.

Hayes looked at me intently. His deep voice boomed with seriousness.
"Something doesn't feel right tonight." He peered around us suspiciously.

Just as he said that a snapping sound came from the same side of us in the woods. Immediately the boys stood in front of daphne and I, providing some type of shield from whatever was lurking on our territory.

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