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Catlox x Child!reader

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Chu seven

Y/n pov

"Y/n!" My mother sang, running in the room, holding a basket. "What?" I asked looking up. "I got you a surprise!" She said with a smile, hiding what was in the basket. "What is it??" I asked, my eyes lighting up. She grinned and sat the basket beside me. I looked in it and gasped. "Mew?" A small white cat mewed. It was so cute! It's fur on top of its head was slightly longer, covering one red eye. The tips of his ears and his 'hair' were brown. His poofy tail was a bright green at the tip, black around that. The rest of his fur was a snowy white that shone brightly. I just starred at him, smiling like an idiot. He purred and jumped out of the basket, onto my lap. He did that head-butt thing cats do. I giggled and hugged him. "Thank you!" I shouted. My mom laughed, "Mhm. I thought you could use a friend, well, I'll let you two play!" She turned around and left, shutting the door. I looked at the purring kitty, "What's your name, kitty?" I didn't expect a reply, but instead, I got one! "Ty!" He mewed. I starred at him in shock. "Y-you can talk?" I asked quietly. He nodded, "Mhm! Can you keep it a secret?" I broke out of my daze and smiled, "Sure!" "thanks!" He purred, "People would want to do tests on me and stuff." He jumped off my lap and walked around, examining my room. "How are you able to talk?" I asked him, walking next to him. "Mad scientist tested on me." He simply said, sniffing a stuffed bear on the floor. "Oh...did it hurt?" "Yep!" He said bluntly. I went silent. "How'd you get here?" I asked after a moment. "Oh, I got separated from my friend, Sky, he's like me. Then your mom found me." I asked where he and his friend lived before. "Nowhere. We don't have a home.." He trailed off, jumping on the window sill. "I'm sorry you got separated." He didn't say anything. "Hey! We could try to find him!" He smiled and looked over his shoulder, "Really? You's help me with that?" I nodded. "We can do it tomorrow, it's late right now." He said, starring out the window. It was dark. "Alright. Tomorrow then!" He jumped on the bed, "Come on then, let get some rest!" I laid down beside him, plling the covers over us. He purred and curled up against my chest. I smiled and started to pet him, making him purr louder. "Maybe you two could stay here? Since you don't have a home." "That sounds nice." He said with a yawn. "Thank you." I nodded. And with that, I happily fell asleep, with the purring kitty beside me.

Hope that was a good-ish one!
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