The Buddy Well

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The Buddy Well was an old well that was on the far corner of a Minnesota Farm. Hand dug by farmers that settled the area over a hundred years ago to water their crops it now sat closed up, abandonded, unused. Over the years it has developed a reputation as a place of mystery and ghost stories. Locals claim the settler's young daughter fell into the well and her ghost consumes anyone that goes there alone. Over time local kids gave it the name the Buddy Well because you never go there without a buddy.

The legend of the Buddy Well started back in the 50s when a two kids disappeared. Every few years a kid would go missing with never being found. The last time the Buddy Well was mentioned in the local paper was when two boys from the nearby town disappeared. Some say they drowned in the near by river after high rains, some claim they ran away, other say one went to the Buddy Well alone and the other went after him and both were taken. The only thing found was a fishing pole along the Wabash River that ran through a steep walled ravine near the well. That was fifteen years ago.

Those are the stories that perked the interest of Johnny Mathers and his friends Kevin and Scott. Fourteen year old boys always looking for adventure, and often trouble, upon hearing the story about the Buddy Well it was Johnny that wanted to see it the most. The others just liked talking about the legends.

One night the boys were at Johnny's house, his parents were out for the night, when he brought up the idea. "What if we were to go up and check out the Buddy Well?"

Kevin scoffed back, "You believe that crap? It's just an old well, nothing special about it."

Scott added, "Nothing but a bunch of stories our grandparents made up to keep kids away from the ravine."

"I knew you guys would be scared."

Taking a blow to his ego Kevin responded harshly, "Screw you! It's a stupid old well, there are a bunch around here, my grandparents had an old boarded up well on their farm. They are just to keep kids from falling into the river. Anyway old man Tyler will probably chase us out of there with his shotgun the second we get on his land."

Kevin was right about that. Frank Tyler was a rough, solitary farmer that owned that farm for decades, some say he's a decedent of the original settlers. He kept to himself, rarely leaving his farm other than to deliver his harvests. He was very determined to keep trespassers off his land.

When the stories started about the Buddy Well, stories also started about him. Whenever there was a kid gone missing the sheriff would pull him into police interviews and the townsfolk would automatically accuse him because the well was on his land and each time he was let go. The aggravation drove him to being an outcast, almost a xenophobe, and stayed on his farm. If any curious spectators came looking for the well they would usually meet a warning shot from Tyler's double barrel.

The summer last, two twenty-something tourists from Minneapolis crossed onto his property. Stupidly they parked right on his front drive next to his house. Tyler pumped two rounds of bird shot into their Prius as he chased them out. When they tried to file a complaint with the local Sheriff he told them they shouldn't have trespassed and sent them on their way.

Johnny tried to convince them, "He's just an old farmer, we can go up the ravine side and cut up the woods. He'd never see us back there."

Kevin and Scott turned back to their video game laughing.

"Don't you guys want to see for yourself? We'll go up and come back." Kevin and Scott continured their game not looking up. "Forget it, I'm going out there. You can come with me or not." Johnny grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

A few minutes passed and it was apparent that Johnny wasn't kidding, he had left by himself to the Buddy Well. Whether the stories were true or not they knew that heading to Farmer Tyler's farm at night was just as bad as a phony haunted well.

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