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I hate hate hate One Direction fanfictions.

I know I've already done a rant about them, but OH JESUS IT'S BAD.

Pretty much every single one has a similar storyline with an, ahem, excessive plot twist...

And if it's not about that kind of junk, it's in the other genres. Please. NO. I hate clicking into, say, the "horror" genre and seeing shit about One Direction... it's taking over wattpad and it's all the same stuff.

And it's all so ridiculous!

Today I'm just sharing a few random rants that I've picked up on in people's work.

Let's begin.

It totally wrecks the mood of your story if you include the big caption *FLASHBACK* in the middle of your chapter.

WHY? If you protagonist wants to have a fucking flashback, write the paragraph in italic. We get the picture. Just don't write in all caps stating the obvious!

And another thing. This was an issue I picked up from a thread in discussions a while ago.


It's disturbing, wrong, and put a warning on your book dammit. Someone said (don''t recall who) "I hate a pointless rape scene in a book to weaken the female character."


Rape is a serious issue. It inflicts psychological and physical pain on both women and men. When writing about sensitive issues, please consider what you are writing. If you don't respect it, don't write it.

As a feminist, I hate it when authors demeen the female character.

Sorry if the rant is brief and scattered, I'm supposed to be asleep and I really have to hit publish before my parents discover I'm on the internet.

On to a unrelated topic now- with some people's stories.

Can u not...

...make your stories so difficult to read?

Resisting the urge to swear and smash my laptop and the very thought of some people's writing. It haunts me in my nightmare that some teenagers can barely write properly or read anything long than a status update.

I've read so many awful novels on here lately. Urgh. Something looks promising, you click on it, and it SUCKS. Grammatically and just... in general.

A piece of me dies everytime that happens.

Please excuse the gandalf gif above. It's a little known fact that if I don't express my nerd side for over a few days I will wither and die.

For the record, this chapter of Wattpad Rants is dedicated to AliceXCross :)


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