Dark Times

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The only chains that bound us, were the ones that had in snared our minds. -Anonymous

I wiped the counter down as the sun set outside and sighed. This wasn't working out, reality was... I couldn't do this any more, not having men looking at me, flirting with me, trying to grope me... Not since I had lost Andy, life wasn't worth living.

I swayed to the laid back music that played in the pub hidden between tall enterprises, its a wonder how Harry kept this place up. The door swung open and a man stumbled forward, unlike the rest his sleeves were down and he had a suit jacket hanging by two fingers, as he lost his footing.

Silence followed and a mean looking guy walked in, looking smug as he cracked his fingers and stepped into the pub, the previous man looked dead for the brief moment that our eyes met, reality was, suits were human too. He spat out blood and I felt my blood chill as he raised his head and threw his head up and caught his footing.

The other guy seemed smug and happily took the challenge, even though the other towered over him slightly, it felt like he didn't belong, like he was too noble, too clean... too well off to be here, but the dead look in his dark eyes would haunt me, even though he looked like he fell from the cover of a magazine, but this dim lighting could be deceiving. He stood taller and cracked his neck, he wasn't human.

Everything about him was surreal, from the death in his eyes, to the chill around his persona, his beauty just collided with the deadly air.

'Nice shot,' he said casually in a deep husky voice that chilled the air of the once warm pub.

He stepped closer and caught the other guy by his shirt and tugged him closer, his face was gone from view as he pulled his arm back and struck the other with a blow so powerful, we heard the echo of bone breaking. I cringed at the wet sound and continued wiping the counter when he shoved the other guy back and kicked him in the face as he fell to the ground, knocking him out. He sucked his teeth at the blood stain on his leather shoes, while the other laid unmoving, except for the slight rise and fall in his chest.

He made his way to the bar, with his white shirt covered in blood, one eye had a dark purple ring around it, dried blood cracking under his nose, he looked like a mess, an enchanting mess. 

His presence was starting to irk me.

'Scotch on the rocks,' he said as he tossed his suit jacket on the counter, I nodded and made his order. I slid it to him and tended to Earl, who unfortunately happened to be Harry's twin brother, he was... a sick man.

'Hey darlin',' he said drukenly and I cringed, he had a lovely wife called Anna-Bell, who was pregnant with their second child. I stepped back and he grabbed my wrist and I cringed as the smell of alcohol washed over me, as he pulled me closer. I struggled out of his grip, but no one ever helped me, whenever Harry wasn't around, they just watched as Earl abused me.

'Let me go Earl,' I said in a hollow voice, reality was... that's how I felt inside, this monster stole any light I had in this dark abyss. 

'C'mon now, don't make me beat you again, you stupid black girl,' he hissed and I cringed again and tried to pulled my arm away from his tight grip. The burn of the friction stung and he back handed me, before I could react and I fell to one knee, after he shoved me back,

'You know its horrible for a man to hit a woman,' mystery man said, as he sloshed his drink around and gazed at the scene before him over the rim of his glass, that seemed alight with the amber liquid.

'S'cuse me?' Earl slurred as a dark glint passed through his eyes,

'Hit? A woman?' he enquired and I shivered in fear as his voice became tainted with malice, he grabbed my head and slammed my cheek into a bar stool that was hidden under the counter, I cried out in pain as he pulled my head back and kicked me in healing ribs.

I gripped my side as tears stung my eyes,'Why do you hit her?' he inquired casually without a care.

'I bought her from her addict mother 'bout a year ago, now Harry went and befriended the girl, but I remind her of her place,' he hissed and I felt tears sting my eyes at the memories of the day that haunted my thoughts,

'I see, how much?' he asked and I felt my breath still.

'How much for what?' Earl spat and the stranger downed his drink,

'How much for the girl,' he said and I felt my heart slam against my chest,

 'Notin' she mine and that's it, got it?' he hissed and the other guy put down his glass and took his suit jacket. My heart met the earth as he got from his seat and turned to leave and Earl looked triumphant.

Could no one save me? Of course not ,this was reality I thought dryly.

Earl let me go and I fell to the ground defeated, was this my fate? To die serving a heartless man?  We lived in the modern age, but his racism could rival venom. I held the counter and helped myself up and continued working, even though my cheek and side hurt, I still had a smile... while I died on the inside every night, I felt like the living dead.

Once closing time came, Eddy helped me close up and I sighed as he looked at me sympathetically and walked out to his freedom, I remained bound to this place. Sometimes, I wished that I had been born white, then life would be different, maybe I'd still have my baby boy in my arms. I fell to my knees defeated as the last light went out, the pain could never compare to the wounds on my heart, that never ceased bleeding.

Andy was innocent, he was the product of me and Harry having something once upon a time, before this... Before the slavery, he was biracial and beautiful, with golden curls and green eyes like his father, with red lips and a button nose, he was my angel... But Earl killed him when I became his slave, in simple terms, he killed the only person that gave me a reason to breathe, since Harry was engaged and turned a blind eye.

I was alone and I was tired.

I pulled my knees to my chest and curled up on the floor, this was where I slept. I sighed, as memories of Andy's bright smile and sparkling eyes brought my soul peace, but the taunting of his dead eyes and bloody body bleeding out in my arms, took away that peace.

I'd never hold my baby ever again.

I felt numb to this hell I had been thrown into, I wanted to be with my baby again.

I had finally lost this tormenting war, I had no will to fight, all of the times I had tried to escape, I was found and beaten within an inch of my life.

So, then why run when I had no where to run to? Why live when I had nothing to live for?

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