Chapter 9

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The next morning Peeta wakes me up early with a cute smile on his face.

"Get up, sleepyhead, we have to start cooking lessons" he says with a sleepy voice. This damn sleepy voice.

"hmm so early? i really want to sleep" i yawn.

"Yes, so early, i have to go then, so we have not really much time." Peeta says, kissing my nose.

"Okay, i'll meet you at the kitchen" Peeta gets up and goes downstairs to the kitchen. After showering, i join him.

"What do you want to cook today? he asks with a little grin.


"Oh God, i am actually jealous of cheesebuns" he plays a sad face, i laugh and kiss him.

"Well, you have nothing to be jealous of, but if we won't bake cheesebuns now, i am going to break up with you" i say playfully.

"That was creepy, but okay, if you want to..."

"Yes i want" i interrupt him "let's just bake those damn cheesebuns!"

"Okay, okay the girl on fire, i hope you know how to knead a dough..." he says hesitantly.

"To be honest, i have no idea..."

"Okay let's start!" he says with the cutest voice. i can't stop myself from kissing him one more time, and then we start cooking lesson. i suddenly remember last nigh, i remembered how good i felt, how sweet his lips were, how my body and mind reacted to is every kiss, how gently and possessively he was kissing me... 

After cooking half burnt cheesebuns (burnt because we were playing with flour and kissing each other) Peeta left to go for his gallery thing. Baking cheesebuns was not as hard as i thought it would be. i cleaned the kitchen and sat in front of the TV, there was nothing interesting in there. When i was about to go to my bedroom, someone knocked on the door, and tge door swang open. It was Haymitch and he looked... hmm... happy?

"Hello sweetheart! i have a great news"

"What news?"

"I did it. I called Effie." he is so excited, it makes me smile.

"So, what did she tell you?"

"it was just a small talk, but at the end of the call, she told me that she missed me and then hung up"

"Wow, congretulations!" i say smiling.

"Yeah i can make it work, you know?"

"Of course you can, but just not with your stomach full of alcohol."

"I know, i know i'll try to give it up" he says with a sad face "just for her."

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