Faith is like the wind...

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The first time I ever heard this quote I was in the car with my mom and we were discussing faith and miracles and how they were taking part in both of our lives. When things got quiet I will never forget what she said, “faith is like wind you can’t see it but you can see it working miracles around you.” I have never heard anything so simple yet true, nor freely said but so deep. This to me is amazing.

          When I stop and think about these words I think about how true they are, and not only how true they are in my life but in the lives of others around me. If I were to sit back and observe everyone and everything I would be able to see each miracle taking place around me.

          I see people everyday rushing around and going about their business. I feel sorry for the ones who are unintentionally missing this wondrous gift. They miss it even though it is right in front of there very noses. This makes me sad, but also it makes me happy. It makes me happy that I can see and witness this glorious gift from God.

          This quote has also taught me how very much I take for granted. The only way I can describe it is like wearing a blindfold over my eyes for years and years and then one day its gone your free to see what ever you want. It’s as though a veil was over my being as a whole and has now been lifted. It’s a feeling of overwhelming joy.

          At first I didn’t fully understand what she met. I thought I did, don’t get me wrong for the most part I did understand it, but I never fully understood it until I tied God into the equation. That part took a while. I discovered that as my relationship with the Lord grew stronger so did my understanding and insight to the wonderful miracles around me.

          I grew to understand a lot through this small little passage. As simply as it was said it made a dramatic change in the very way I think. It made me feel as though I were a completely different person. This passage made me really take into consideration the way I think say or do things. This passage helped me understand the Lord in ways I never thought possible.

          When I dissect this quote and read it over and over, and truly stop and analyze it, I see an older me a me that I used to be. I see the feeble minded short sided part of who I was. But on the flip side, I see a me who is strong and open hearted a me who is able to see past the facade of the world and see the Lords beautiful works.

          These words are more than just words they have meaning and feeling behind them. The emotion that emanates from these words still keeps me up at night wondering. There are so many things that I can say and describe but can’t be fully appreciated until the love of the Lord is mixed in.

          When you add the love of the Lord and you have him in your heart you can understand and fully absorb the powerful meaning behind these words. The love from one person to another is what makes these words true. it’s what holds all the pieces together. We are the hands of God. He uses each and every one of us to make these glorifying miracles come true. I am a firm believer that if I am given the gift to realize and understand the Love and I am able to see these miracles first hand than it is my duty and my honor to see such a Love carried out.

          It may be hard to understand how I got all of this out of such a small passage, but it’s what is behind and underneath the words that matters. It is the heart that goes into the words and the heart that carries out the true passion in the words. And most of all it is a faith in something higher than yourself. It is a belief that some higher power is out there and that maybe just maybe he loves you more than anyone or anything ever could.

          The Lord is unseen for a reason. Its apart of a test of faith he submits to each and every one of us. Believing he is there and always was, is, and will be is the first step to understanding such a faith. It alone is what makes these words deep, passionate, beautiful, and powerful.

          So as I sum up my thoughts I pray you take to heart a small passage and keep it in your mind each and every day, and remember “faith is like wind you can’t see it but you can see it working miracles around you” (Amie moore) Love has small but profound ways of finding its way into our hearts.

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