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You and (C/N) have been assigned to work on a project together. To be specific, it was a project on (L/F subject). Oh how you hated that subject.. Here you are, at (C/N's) house working on the project. How did you end up with him? No clue.

"We should take a 5 minute break, don't you think so?" (C/N) asks, looking at you.

You nod in agreement and he excused himself to do some business. You sighed and yawned. "This is going to be a long nigh-..." You start to say as you slowly drift off to sleep.

"Huh..?" You rub your eyes sleepily. "I DIDN'T REALIZE I FELL ASLEEP!" You gasp in horror as you look at the time, 10:05 PM. You were about to stand up, until you felt something.. or someone laying on your lap. You look down and see (C/N) sleeping peacefully, his arms around your waist.

You blush at the sight. "He looks so cute..." You mumble, touching his soft hair gently.

'What the heck am I doing..'

He stirs a bit and groans. You quickly stop touching his hair and pretend to close your eyes and sleep.

"(Y/N)...?" He mumbles tiredly. "I know you're awake.."

You felt heat rise to your cheeks. "U-Uh..."

'Great job, (Y/N). Great job.'

He chuckles. "Don't be so embarrassed..," (C/N) looks at you and smiles.

You blush a deeper shade of red and look down at your lap.

'What should I say...?! Uhh....'

"Why were you sleeping on my lap?" You blurt out randomly.

'NO, WHY DID I ASK THAT?' You thought miserably.

This time, it was his turn to turn red. "I-I... I.. I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I FELL ASLEEP THAT'S ALL!"

"On my lap..?" You ask teasingly.

'Wait, why did I say that. No, no, no.'

"Yeah. NO! I MEAN NO! I meant.. I u-uh.." (C/N) stutters.

You couldn't help but laugh at his cuteness. He blushes and turns away from you. "L-Lets just u-uh finish our food.." He says quietly.

"Food..? You mean project?" You try to hold in your laughter.

"THA-THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" He furiously start scribbling down things in his notebook, not looking at you.

"If you say so~" You chuckle.


Hopefully that was good for a start? xD Anyways, feedback would be appreciated!


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