***Abbey POV***

"Oh, my god! I can’t believe I’m going to the auditions. It’s so exciting!" I exclaimed.

"Abbey, you're going to be amazing!" My older sister Caitlin said.

"Caitlin is right. Your voice is going to blow the audience away but you seriously need an outfit. We'll all go shopping." My other older sister Alex suggested and ran to her room.

We all agreed to go so we went to get dressed and we say bye to dad and scurried out of the house. The first place that popped into our heads was Oxford Street. We went there like once a fortnight and the other days in the fortnight we would go shopping around local areas. Alex was a shopaholic since the day she born, she just can’t live without shopping or she she'll die, or that's what she told me. Father always says that Alex has nothing the similar to us and its true, her appearance, normally you would look like either you dad or mum or both but Alex just looked like herself. Me and Caitlin always tease her and say that she was adopted but she never teased us back because she was trying to be mature. Alex was going to be engaged next week so she was pretty excited to. She had bought this really nice, royal blue dress which was knee length and it looked stunning on her. Dad was going to cry because Alex was all grown up, she's only 21, and because the engagement dress looked like her mothers. Mum died when I was ten years old in a bomb explosion on a train. After that day we never went on a train again because dad was scared to place his foot in there in fear of being killed in another bomb blast. So now we travel by bus and car since Alex and Caitlin had passed their driving test.

"Abbey have you got your purse?" Caitlin asked.

I placed my hand into my handbag and pulled out a brown Gucci purse and I could see Caitlin breathe will relief. If I had left it I could have just walked three steps back and enter the house and grab my purse and get going again. We decide to go to Oxford Street by Alex's car, which was a purplish red Ford Fiesta. We all put our seat belts on and Alex drove the car.

We arrived at exactly 12:34pm. But it took another ten minutes just to find a parking space which was really frustrating. When we found one, this male driver quickly parked his car in there. I was about to say something but Alex said we'd find one soon and I was sure that was going to be a long time.

"Finally!" I shouted with a bit of anger and frustration. I got out of the car and it was already 13:12pm.

"Don't worry Ab; we still got plenty of time." Said Caitlin trying to calm me down and I guess she was right so there was no point of being Miss Moody all day.

Normally I’m not like this. I'm usually quiet and shy but ever since I signed up for the auditions I was way too over excited.

We entered John Lewis first and we looked around. I found this really nice dress which was blue and purple and I tried it on and I looked great. I bought the dress and went to buy some shoes and jewelry. My sisters went to but clothes so they left me all by my self but I didn't mind but what if I don't find them since I have only been in London for two weeks and this only the second time I’ve been in John Lewis. So searched for my phone in my bag and got it out of my bag. I was just about to call my sister but my phone went dead. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders and carried on with my shopping because at 19:00pm I was going to be performing in front of a lot of people. The thought of a lot of made me nervous but I just kept telling myself everything was going to be Okay.

It was already 14:00 and with relief I found my sisters at the check out. I walked towards them and showed them what I got. They were surprised I managed to buy everything I needed so then we went home.

"Dad, we're back!" I shouted happily.

"Good to see you girls again. So Abbey, what have you bought?" He asked me.

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