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[New introduction as of June 18, 2018!]

The first couple of one-shots are just terrible; there are things like way too much stuttering, grammatical errors, and such. I'm not going to rewrite them because I want to see how my writing has improved/changed over time. Hopefully you won't judge too harshly based on the older one-shots!

If you'd rather read one where my writing is at today, I would suggest scrolling all the way to the most recent one.

Notice somebody copying/translating my work? Private message me please.

As for requests... you may either comment or private message me. I would appreciate it if you refrain from asking for lemons. DO NOT request something along the lines of JUST: "Popular crush and shy reader." Tell me what you want to happen in the one-shot. I'm not going to do your request if you don't provide me the plot. If I do decide to use it, I'll be sure to give you credits.

[To see whether or not requests are open, check the summary of this book!]

(C/N): Crush's Name
(Y/N): Your Name
(E/C): Eye Color
(H/C): Hair Color
(Text): What the character is thinking
And so on..


The characters are Male Crush x Female Reader. I'll be using "he", "his", "him" pronouns. If your crush is female and/or if you're a male reader, feel free to change the pronouns.

There are some Female x Female, as well as Male x Male; you'll see by the titles.

If you aren't a fan of cheesy and cliché stuff... this book isn't for you. Also, please don't steal/translate my one-shots.

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