Chapter 4 Mixed emotions

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     I woke up the next morning feeling different. Revived, energetic and most of all I felt invincible. I made my way to the shower and hurried through my morning routine. I threw on a grey and red Metallica shirt with a pair of dark skinny jeans and walked over to the mirror. Whoa! My dark circles were gone and my lips were a cherry red color. This was odd. Maybe I just needed a good night sleep I thought to myself. I combed my hair and gathered my stuff together before heading to the kitchen. 

"Wow Kadien you look so umm so well rested!" Andy said while cooking breakfast as usual. 

"I know its weird I haven't slept like that since I was a baby." I said not exaggerating at all. He nodded not wanting to get into that convo this early in the morning. Aaron sleepily walked into the room sitting down next to me. 

"You okay Kadien? I heard you crying last night." Aaron asked full of worry. Andy looked up from the eggs and stared at me with the familiar sadness in his eyes. Searching my face for lies. I nodded and responded fine with a small smile. Aaron knew not to push it, he nodded and started digging into his plate. I picked slowly at mine then decided I better to get to school. I got into my car and drove off. As I entered the parking lot I spotted Garret's car but no Garret. That was odd. He always waited for me. In fact he didn't text me his usual message this morning. I felt an odd pull at my heart. I'm just being ridiculous maybe he had his own thing going on. Or maybe he was upset with me for not calling him last night. Whatever the cause I needed to find him and make sure everything was okay. I needed him, he was all I had besides Andy, Trish and Aaron. He kept me sane. 

    I walked over to my locker pulled out my books and headed over to his. There he was leaning against his locker with his back towards me. At first I hesitated then I gathered my nerves and pushed forward. He was talking to someone but I couldn't exactly tell who it was. As I got closer I heard his laugh along side a girls. Immediately my body felt on fire with jealousy. As I got closer I realized the girl was the new girl Beth. I walked up to them and said 'Hi' to them both. Garret jumped back surprised to see me. 

"Um hey Kadien." He said. Kadien? He never called me that, it was always babe. I forced a smile at him and looked at him in confusion. 

"I better get to class. I'll see you later Garret?" Beth asked before smiling at me. He nodded and starred at her longer then I liked. 

"Okay I guess I better go too then." I said pulling him out of whatever trance Beth had him in. 

"Shoot sorry wait Kadien!" he yelled after me. "She was just asking me to show her around since she thinks you may have too much on your plate." he said as he tried to keep up with me. 

I flung myself around to face him "And what she couldn't find a single guy to ask" I seethed through clenched teeth. He first looked upset with my attitude then his face softened. 

"Babe you have nothing to worry about." he said. 

"Oh now I'm babe?"I responded as I turned on my heel heading to class early.

"Wait, babe stop. Will you just listen to me!" He said while grabbing my wrist gently turning me to him. 

"I love you Kadien, you don't need to worry about her. Trust me she has nothing on you." I blushed as he ran his finger over my cheek and leaned in to kiss me. I couldn't hold my anger I felt my body slow back down as I leaned back in for his kiss. He gently pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. Though I didn't want to admit it, this kiss felt different, forced perhaps.

"You are right, I'm sorry I don't know what has gotten into me. I just don't want to lose you Garret." I whispered to him. He whispered I wouldn't then walked me to class kissing me once more before heading to his class.

    I walked in and took my normal seat and pulled out my work. Of course Beth took a seat next to me with all her perfection. I sighed and waited for Mr. Woodson to call roll. After that class went by pretty fast before I knew it, it was lunch time. Garret was waiting this time by my locker along side Beth. I rolled my eyes and sighed making my way over to them. 

"Hey babe is it okay if Beth has lunch with us?" What could I say? I was a wreck of a girlfriend already I didn't need to add overly jealous to the list.

                   I smiled at Beth who seemed a bit uncomfortable and shook my head yes. I grabbed Garret's hand while we made our way to the cafeteria. He squeezed my hand and I looked up into those amazing eyes and he smiled at me and let go of my hand. I can't lie a part of me broke at that moment. What was up with his odd behaviour? Did he just dis me because of Beth was with us? I decided not to torment myself in front of them and pretended that it didn't bother me. We got our lunch and sat down and made small talk. Hmm... Where was Ryan today? That's odd he's usually glued to Garret's hip. Well today is full of a lot of unusual situations, I shrugged my shoulders and bit into my sandwich. I kept catching Garret looking at Beth, even when she wasn't talking. I mean could I really blame him? She was perfect. Her perfect golden hair and perfect tan skin. I sighed looking at her beauty I was complete opposite to her. With raven black hair, light skin and dark blue eyes. She rejoiced in her beauty as I, well I hid mine. Because I knew what guys did to beautiful girls and I wasn't going to let it happen again. 

After a cruel lunch with my boyfriend starring at the new girl the bell finally had mercy on my soul and we were off to our next classes. Garret walked me to class as usual and pecked my cheek this time. Then left with out turning back once. I bit my lip and walked into my next class worried what this means to our relationship.

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