Pokemon Day Care Center

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Well Well Well everyone! Look at what you looked up. You are deffinitally brave to look into the world of Pokephilia. I will just let you know before you begin if you should read this based on a few questions. If you are just interested in a quick jerk off this is deffinitally not the story for you. I have nothing against you but unless you want to scroll halfway through the story and find the sex scene (its pretty large so you should spot it) you will be dissapointed. I made this story because I was tired of these Pokephilia stories having no storyline to them so basically I made this for me and others like me. If you have any suggestions/comments I would be more than happy to take them. I am also looking for a co-writer for sex scenes as I am not really comfortable writing them myself all the time. If you want me to write your own sexual fantasy in a short 2-3 page sex scene, post in the comments and I would be more than happy to.

Also:  The name Pokemon and all characters belong to the pokemon company. The plot of the story belongs to me. If you wish to continue this story, you must message me first and get my permission, or if I do not respond within 20 days you may continue for me anyways.

Without further interuption: Enjoy!

                I sat and stared the guard in the face.

                “Let me tell you a story if you want the answer to your question.”

Before, I had a normal life. Well normal in the sense that I was a gym leader. Every day these kids would come into my Gym, try their best to battle me, and walk away in tears at the end of the day. I couldn’t help it. The only Pokémon I ever had was Jess, but I and her trained so often and we were very efficient as a team, that we couldn’t be defeated.

Eventually the Pokémon league kicked us out of the official gym leaders needed to face the Elite four, but since I was allowed to stay in practice and still give badges out, it became a matter of respect and honor if you were able to beat me. Because of that, people would travel from across the region to try their hand.

Very few, if any ever beat me and the main reason was because Jess just would not give up. I had seen her bloody on the verge of collapsing and still sending out psychic attacks in every direction, hoping to hit the opponent. I asked her and pleaded with her to stop, but she would never return to her ball, unless she couldn’t stay conscious.

After those battles I would give the kid his badge, close the gym for the day, and rush her to the poke center.

For years this was the norm. Every day we would open up, set all the trainers in spots to test the kid’s true ability before reaching me, and just wait. Some days, we wouldn’t battle at all; we just sat in the back room talking about anything that we could think of. It was at one of those points that I discovered that I may have wanted a deeper bond.

Matthew Jess placed into my mind Have you ever wondered what it would be like on the open road? Just you and me traveling the world

I rolled my eyes and sighed. We had to have had this conversation a dozen times before but I decided to humor her.

“It would be fun wouldn’t it? Every day we meet new people, Pokémon, and creatures. Plus we could see all the glorious sites around the region. Every night we could sleep under the stars and every morning we wake with the sun.”

Yeah Jess projected as she stared up at the roof, as if it was night and she could see the stars.

I looked into her eyes and was amazed. I guess she was tired or something, but her eyes were glossy and reflected light just perfectly to look like two diamonds.

All these years of working side by side with her, I was beginning to feel that I was a lot closer to her than I should have been. A  Pokémon and its master should have a bond, but ours was different. One, I never thought of her as my Pokémon, but rather a close friend I could share anything with. Out of everyone in the world, I could tell her anything. Several times I had even shared my deepest fantasies with her.

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