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Y/n pov

"STUPID!" "FREAK!" "JUST DIE!" Every insult kept coming. They all threw things at me. Tugged at my tail. I managed to get away from the group, my stail sliced open somehow. I think one had a knife... I ran to the woods, managing to get away from the angry people. I was a hybrid...a..'monster'. I ran and faster, tears blurring my vision. My wrists were already covered in cuts, I couldn't bring my self to cut 'Down the street'. I didn't really like the idea of bleeding out. A lake broke out in the middle of the woods. I stopped beside it, starring into the dark water. It looked deep, even by the side. "Ah...The Irony...A cat hybrid...drowning herself." I whispered, walking back a good ten feet. I ran forwards. Each step, I gave myself a reason to do it. I jumped at the last moment, making sure i couldn't go back. The icy water instantly hit my body like a horde of knives. It was winter. I opened my eyes, as my body drifted to the bottom of the lake. The sun shined above the surface, making a beautiful glare. I slowly and painfully joked on the freezing water. At the edge of my darkening vision, a dark shape swam past, a slight glow of blue flashing by. I didn't have time to investigate, as my eyes closed, and didn't open again...

I woke up on the ground, I sat up and coughed up water, spluttering it out. I lungs heaved for air. I  looked up, meeting black eyes with white pupils. I yelped and feel back on my back. He was really close to me. "A-are you okay?" He asked, looking very worried. I looked at him, not finding words. His skin was slightly blue, his eyes, as I said before, completely black with pale white pupils, a black liquid dripping from them. He had a grey long sleeved shirt with different shades of grey, his pants along with it. His shes were red, with white laces. He also had a golden amulet, a glowing blue gem in the middle. However, I think the most...interesting thing about him..was the eight tentacles coming from his back. "Hello? Can you talk?" He asked, looking even more worried. "I-I...I-I'm f-fine.." I whispered. He smiled "Good, I thought you were...gone." We were beside the lake, right where I jumped. "Wh-why di-did you..h-help me?" I asked, looking at him. "W-well..." He started, "I didn't...well...want you..too die." 
"Well that's what I wanted.." I whispered, looking down. He sat beside me, "Why?" I teared up and hugged my knees, "B-Because I-I..p-people hate me...th-they want me dead...not like any one wants me alive anyway..." I weld back tears. The squid hybrid that saved me, wrapped his arms around me and brought me into a warm embrace. "I want you alive." He said. "You don't even know me.." I mumbled, my sopping tail twitching. "I'd like to!" He countered. I smiled a little, "Really?" He hummed. "Well...what do you want to know?" "Hmm, a lot! But I'll settle with your name." I smiled a little more, "My name's Y/n." He smiled back, "Nice to meet you, Y/n. My name's Sky." "Nice to meet you too, Sky." I think I like him. 'True Love at first Glance'. How Ironic....A cat hybrid and a squid hybrid...

Enden sucked ;-;
Oh well!
Ah, I love Irony!
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