How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD)

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Rant inspired by: NightFuryEchogreen

Let's get one thing out of the way. Toothless is a ferocious and yet adorable cutie pie and you cannot tell me otherwise. With that said, let the rant begin.

Fun fact, believe it or not, the movies are actually based of a children's book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell, for those of you who don't know. Toothless in the books isn't a Night Fury. In fact, majority of the dragon species are all the movies. In the book, he's a common or garden dragon, or a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, whatever that is. XD The movies changed a LOT from the books but fortunately for this series, it actually turned out for the better.

Either way, whether you love the movies and hate the books, or vice versa or you even love both of them, it has clearly resonated with an audience. We love the characters, the plot and the suspense, Hiccup and Toothless' friendship and TOOTHLESS. SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE TOOTHLESS?!

I don't know much about the HTTYD fandom tbh. So far from my perspective, it's been mostly sane, unlike majority of the fandoms mentioned in this rant book. (Especially the Steven Universe Fandom, which I will get to in the next rant.) Not too many shipping wars, since Hiccup and Astrid are officially canon. But as far as shipping Hiccup with other Dreamworks and Disney characters such as Jack, Elsa, Rapunzel and Merida.....yeah, that's an entire topic on its own. 

The bad: I have been reading quite a few HTTYD fanfic summaries and I have noticed a lot of Hiccup x Reader lemons. FOR GOD SAKE THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM. That also goes for the AOT fandom with Levi, but I seen it in this fandom as well more often than I would like to admit. And on Wattpad, it's not like I go looking for them. It's really the first few results I get when typing in "httyd" in the search bar.

Moving on to what I mean by good: Having the dragons actually talk is a bit weird for me, movie wise, but on the bright side, you are technically using canon material, as the language "Dragonese" is used in the books and Hiccup can actually speak it fluently. So it's not that much of a problem for me.

Also, another thing (this isn't bad but thought I'd point it out) I noticed is that one of the main dragons is most often a Night Fury, whether its the main character, or the dragon that the main character rides. I'm kinda guilty on this seeing as in Mysterious Fates, I have Nicolette (Nikki) as a Night Fury and is coincidentally Toothless' twin sister (I know, it's idiotic, sue me) but I had to make it creative without changing much of the bloody plotline.

And that's all I have for this rant. You can comment below and tell me what you guys think! :D

I'll get to SU when I can but it depends on whether I'm free or not.

You can also give this rant a vote or even request a fandom! It depends on my knowledge about it though so if I know a fandom, I'll add you to the list of requests. See you later!

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