Living Again~ Thirty-Four

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"Miranda..." my voice came out as a whisper. Unbelievable.

"Yup it's me!" she said cheerfully, unaware of my state of shock. "It's good to finally meet you! You said my  name, so it seems like you have heard about me." I simply watched her as she pursed her lips, almost talking to herself. "Ethan must have told you then, but please don't believe anything he said until I tell you the truth."

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts, finally letting myself realise that she was real. To be honest, I was hoping Luke had lied about the whole Miranda thing, it would make the whole situation so much easier. But she was here, with her dirty blonde hair falling across her face, just above her eyes. She raised her thin shaped eyebrows at me expectantly.

I cleared my throat self-conciously and replied her, "Ethan didn't tell me anything about you."

Her small face scrunched up in confusion, "Then how did you know my name?"

"Luke told me some things."

"Oh right." She nodded in understanding. "I guess I'm not surprised Ethan hid this from you. It would totally shatter his image and change the way you think of him."

I gritted my teeth, losing my pateince. "Look, you have no idea how much Ethan and I have been through. I trust him more than anyone else living on this planet. He would never hurt me intentionally because he loves me. I'm sorry it didn't work out between you two..."

She cut me off, "Because he hit me! Don't you get it? At some point I was JUST like you. I thought we were perfect together, we dated for ages until he finally started to show his true colours. Your life with him might seem like a fairytale right now but just wait and see, you have no idea how ugly he can get!"

My fists clenched automatically, I tried to control my anger. I was furious. For all I know she could be lying about the whole thing, maybe she never even dated Ethan. "Do you really think my opinion on him will change after hearing a few bad words about his past?"

She sighed and shook her head giving me a small sad smile which confused me further. I was trying to stay mad at her but she was making this extremely difficult. She said, "I knew it wouldn't be so easy to make you believe me. After all, you hardly know me. So that's why I brought these."

She sat on the same bench she was sitting on earlier and motioned for me to sit beside her. I did, then she took out an envelope from her bag and handed it to me saying, "Here's the proof that we were in fact dating, and that everything Luke said about him was true."

I brace myself and opened the envelope, slowly taking out the photos in it. There were a bunch of them. I started flipping through them, not believing what I was seeing. There was one of them on the beach, with his arms around her bare waist protectively,  I could sense the jealous side of me emerging.

I kept flipping through, they looked so happy. Ethan looked pretty much the same, just that his hair was slightly shorter. These pictures couldn't have been too old. There were about 10 photos. After I was done looking I handed them back to her. At least now I knew what she was saying wasn't a complete lie. I did have a few questions though, "When was all this? How long were you guys dating and when did you... break up?"

She answered me without hesitating, "We were dating from the beginning of when the year started, so it was half a year ago, you came to this school more than 3 months into the semester, and just before that we broke up, that's why you didn't see us together. So we were dating for 3 months."

"Oh." I cleared my throat, getting to the more personal questions, "So, Luke already told me this, but I want to hear it from you, why exactly did you two break up? You don't have to answer me but just know that I won't go against Ethan without some sound proof that he actually did something wrong."

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