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Topic: When he has to babysit you

Nash (Age 12)
Your mom called you and Nash downstairs, because she had to tell you something. She told you and Nash to sit on the couch. You looked at your mother with suspicion. "Are you having a BABY?!" You blurted out, that was the first thing you thought at that moment, I mean c'mon who wouldn't.

"Of course not, now sit down." She told you. "Thank god!" You said, which made Nash laugh. "Nash is gonna look after you, because me and your father have to take Hayes to a football game." "He doesn't know how to take care of a child!" You said. "Hey, I'm not that bad!" Nash said offended.

"Yeah and I'm supposed to believe that after you know what happened." You said. Nash instantly shut up. "After what happened?" Your mom asked. "Nothing!" You and Nash said in unison. "Mom can we go now?" Hayes yelled from the door. "We will talk about this later, Nash don't let anything happen to your sister or your in big trouble when we get home. Love you guys, stay outta trouble." And she was gone. "Well, I'll be in my room, good day Nash" you said and headed up to your room.

"Not so fast missy!" Nash said. "My name isn't missy!" You said. "Come back down here." Nash said. You followed orders and soon you were seated next to Nash again. "What do you want?" You asked. "Wanna watch a movie?" He asked you. "No, they get boring." You said.

"Wanna eat?" He asked. "I already ate." You said. "Get some ice cream?" He asked again. "It's too cold to be getting ice cream." You said. "Then what? You don't wanna do anything!" He said annoyed. "Let's play video games!" You said running up to the game room.

Nash seemed a bit surprised since you never ever replay video games, not even with him. He soon ran up to the game room to see you hooking up the Xbox 1 to the tv. "What game do you wanna play?" You asked Nash. "I don't know. You choose." Nash answered. Since you didn't really know any game, you decided on this random one called "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

After you put it in, you say next to Nash and handed him a controller. The game was loading so slowly, and you were losing your patience. "How long is this gonna take to load?" You asked. "It doesn't do that." Nash said and went over to the console. He pulled out the disk and realized you'd put it backwards. "You put it in backwards dummy." Nash said. "Oops." You said, Nash put it in right and it finally loaded.

The menu came on for game. Nash chose everything and now it was time for them to start playing. The screen came onto a field of soldiers shooting at enemy's.

(Honestly, I've never played any of the COD games, I'm just making this up lol)

"Is this a shooting type game?" You asked your older brother "Yeah, great choice." He said and turned back to the tv. Once you were allowed to move around and play on your own, you didn't know what to do. "Hey how do you shoot? Or run?" You asked. He showed you and you were finally getting the hang of it. "This is so easy." You and Nash said in unison.

"You should play more with me. You're a way better shooter than Hayes when it comes to call of duty!" Nash complimented. "Aww thanks." You said, and literally all you heard was the clicking of you and Nash's controllers. "I love you way more now that you can play video games." Nash said. "Haha, I've always liked video games, just never tried it." You said. "Well now you have!" Nash said.

It was crystal clear that you were now going to be playing video games with Nash in your free time!

Omg, this is my first Bsm! Was it good? I'm new at this, so the feedback is great! Shawn will be the next Bsm. Also I will only be doing ages 9-14. Have a nice day!- ash
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