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Abaddon – The Hattoist Heaven.

Archon – Raven

Arg – Silver coin. Value: 12 cups.

Argies – A clan of the Scowerers, notable for their domesticity.

Argotype – An early form of photograph, made using a solution of silver salts.

Arp – An area roughly equivalent to one acre. Also the general term for a parcel of land.

Arp Bellu – Literally Field of the Beast. What the Brotherhood call Killing Field.

Aur – Gold coin. Value: 12 args.

Avory – Ivory

Baccus – Pipe (for smoking).

Bal – Whale

Bargies – A clan of the Scowerers, noted for their cooking and love of food.

Barker – (slang) Gun. Barking iron.

Beak – (slang) Magistrate

Blackleaf – Tea (drink)

Blow/Blower – (slang) inform/informer.

Bucca – Legendary goblin of the wind, said to foretell shipwrecks.

Buzzing – (slang) Picking pockets.

Caper – (slang) A criminal act.

Cartesii – Co-ordinates

Chandler – Originally a candle-maker; later a grocer and general supplier of goods, particularly for ships.

Chap - A chicken

Chink – (slang) Money

Chiv – (slang) Knife

Church – (slang) To remove identifying marks from. To make like new again, ie: "Church a watch."

Cove - (slang) A man.

Cup – Copper coin. The smallest unit of currency in the Republic.

Doodles - A clan of the Scowerers. Notable for stealing handbags from old ladies.

Dolittler – A person who can communicate with animals using telepathy.

Dore – Native bush rat.

Drass - Donkey.

Eden – The Hattoist Hell.

Eel – Unit of measurement. Approximately 1 metre.

Eyr - Eagle

Familiar – Animal associated with a witch or sorcerer.

Fel – Cat

Fine-wirer – (slang) Highly skilled pickpocket.

Freeday – Friday

Furl – Unit of measurement. Approximately 200 metres.

Gammon – (slang) Nonsense. Adjective: Gamm.

Georg – A farm

Gillywig – Guinea pig

Glamm – The magical aura of a wizard or sorcerer.

Glim – (slang) A light or fire.

Grabber – (slang) Hand

Grandmere – Grandmother

Grandpere – Grandfather

Gytrash – A ghostly horse.

Hectors – Gang of thieves in competition with the Scowerers.

Jugglery – (slang) Underhanded dealings.

Kaaba – The mythical dwelling of the Dark Traveller.

Kettle – (slang) A watch. A gold watch is a red kettle, a silver watch a tin kettle.

Kidsman – An organiser and leader of young thieves.

Lamps – (slang) Eyes

Lab – Pumpkin

Lag – Unit of measurement. Approximately 5.5 kilometres.

Lanthorn - Lantern

Lapp – A rabbit or hare.

Lethe – Mythical river of forgetfulness.

Lone Soldier – Card game. A form of Solitaire.

Lurk – (slang) A scheme, usually of a criminal nature.

Mere – Mother

Miser Bird - Magpie

Mornday – Monday

Nick – (slang) Steal

Nickers – Thieves

Nine – Dog

Oen - Wine

Peach – (slang) Inform on or give accusatory information against. Squeal.

Pea-coat - A short double-breasted overcoat worn by sailors.

Pere – Father

Plug – Bulkhead in the floor of the Second Deep.

Porp – Dolphin

Sandwich – (slang) Wallet or purse.

Saturnday – Saturday

Sinday – Sunday. The Holy day of the Hattoists.

Skellington - Skeleton

Skrayl – Ocean gull.

Slee – Possum

Slough – Pig

Snokey – Black rat

Stook – Cormorant

Tarsene – Kerosene

Tempus – Clock

Theresday – Thursday

Torpin – Canvas

Vulpin – Fox

Walla - Kangaroo

Whenday – Wednesday

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