Vikk (Vikkstar123) #8

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I hate how all my last uploads have been short and bad. Sorry I really I am. Got more uploads tomorrow; gonna try and get them all done. Enjoy it anyway :)

This was requested by ughsidemenolaffle and many others so enjoy!

Warning: Smut


I was at the Sidemen house with my boyfriend Vikk. Well I say boyfriend; he hasn't been paying much attention to me the past hours I have been here. JJ has paid more attention to me; now that is saying something. I went into the lounge and sat on the sofa in a huff. I checked my phone, nothing of interest. I put it away in my pocket and saw Vikk come into the lounge. "Hey babe I've been looking for you for ages" He said and sat next to me. I looked at him, "Have you because I ave been doing the same but I heard you in your room" I said and looked away from him. "Babe, what's up?" Vikk asked. I sighed, "You know, I like a little attention sometimes" I said quietly looking up at him. Vikk grinned, "Well why don't I give you some attention" Vikk said and pecked my lips. I blushed, "Okay then" I said grinning. Vikk took my hand and we ran up to his bedroom. 

Vikk shut the door and ran up to me and crashed his lips to mine. I chuckled into the kiss as I held onto him as we fell back onto the bed. Vikk's hands were all over my body. I pushed up his shirt and it as soon removed as well as mine. Vikk got his trousers off and helped me remove mine until we were both in bed naked. I was stroking up his chest as he applied the condom. Vikk soon positioned himself at my entrance. I grinned at him as he entered me. "Argh, Vikk!" I moaned and gripped onto his shoulders. Vikk soon latched his lips to mine as he began to thrust into me. My hands gripped his hair and he grunted. I pushed him back so I was on top of him. I began to grind him slowly so it was more pleasurable. "Argh" Vikk moaned and threw his head back. I smiled and sat up as I moved my hips. Vikk reached up and grabbed my boobs and I bit my lip and moaned. I went faster and soon felt that feeling in my stomach. Vikk grunted and thrusted his hips; I knew he was close like me. I went as fast as I could and soon Vikk flipped us and went in hard and fast. I moaned loudly and came. "Oh Vikk!" I moaned and he soon came also. 

Once we had rode out our orgasms we got cleaned up and dressed. We cuddled on the bed and talked about anything and everything. I loved spending time with my star. He means the world to me and he knows that. Vikk also tells me that I mean a lot to him and I love it when he says things like that. I made me feel special. "I love you, (Y/N)" Vikk said and kissed me. As we pulled back, "Love you too Vikk" I said smiling. We soon began kissing and I enjoyed it. 

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