Chapter 8

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Steve carried his lunch tray to the lunch table with Sam and Bucky. The cafeteria was loud and filled with the voices of all different people. The three of them walked by the "popular" girls' table and Steve heard them giggle a little louder than they were before. A few of them made quick eye contact with him and he immediately looked away. He saw Sam glance at him and Steve knew what he was thinking about. Everything was about the party, the kiss.

He set his tray down at their table and once he sat down, he even felt as if the mood had changed. Peggy stopped talking about whatever it was with Jane and looked at Steve. He was honest to God sick of the feeling of eyes stare at him. It's not that people had never stared at him before, but this time he hated the reason to why. Peggy cleared her throat and although it probably wasn't addressed to Steve, but that she was just clearing her throat in general, Steve snapped at her, "What? Is something wrong here?"

The rest of his friends at the table turned to him and Peggy, who was sitting directly across from him. They still held eye contact and Peggy just raised her eyebrows, "I don't know, why don't you tell me?"

Steve figured that she was upset that he kissed someone other than her. The part that pissed him off the most was that everybody was too damn thick-skulled to get it through their brain that Steve was drunk. He scoffed and then rolled his eyes, "Oh my God Peggy are you legit stupid? I was fucking drunk!" Steve now looked at everyone else at the table, "How many times do I have to say it? I was drunk, you guys." he stood up, "Why do you all have such a hard time processing this?"

He felt it too awkward to sit down now after just exploding in front of them like that, so decided it best to just go out somewhere for lunch- or at least just leave school grounds for some fresh air until it was time for the next class period to begin. He started to walk away and when Bucky asked where he was going, he just turned around with a glare, "Need some air." The doors were just around the corner from the cafeteria and he set off at an even pace, placing his hands in his pockets. He realized that he probably wouldn't even get back in time if he went out to eat because of his whole problem of not having a car that worked.

He saw that it was sunny outside and there was a couple in front of him who had also just left the building to go out to lunch together. Steve pushed open the doors and squinted his eyes from the sun for a few seconds, letting them adjust to the light. He pulled out his phone to check the time and when he started walking down the sidewalk, he was stopped as someone called his name. The familiar voice made him sigh and not want to turn around. He forced himself to turn his head and he at least tried to be cool about it.

"Hey," was all Steve said as he saw Tony standing near the school wall. He saw that Tony was holding a lit cigarette loosely in his hand. "Where you going?" Tony asked as he also squinted his eyes against the sun. Steve shrugged truthfully, not fully deciding where he was even going to walk, "Don't know yet. I'm just sick of everybody in there." he gestured toward the school doors and Tony nodded.

He lifted up his hand and slowly sucked in on the cigarette that he placed lightly through his parted lips. "Well that makes two of us." he replied as he breathed out the smoke. "How do you not get caught smoking on school grounds? And besides, you shouldn't even be doing that at our age." Steve crossed his arms as he watched Tony laugh, "Considering that my dad is super rich and runs the top weapon country in America, I'm pretty sure that I won't get into trouble. Anybody says anything against me, I got a whole bunch of people on my side ready to back me up. Simple. And besides, people also shouldn't drink at our age, but look at what you did last Friday."

The feeling of regret ran through Steve's body once more, "That doesn't even count. You and Bucky did that to me on purpose."

"But you still drank it. You swallowed."

Steve scoffed at Tony's remark and felt like it would be easier to just leave right now.

Before he started to walk away as before, Tony sucked in on the cigarette one more time and then stubbed it into the school brick wall, putting it out. He let it fall to the ground and once again, Steve was annoyed with Tony's actions. "So you don't really know where you're going? And how are you going to get there if you don't have a car?"

Steve held his hand up to his forehead to block the sun from staring straight into his eyes any further, "I do have a car. And how would you know if I didn't?"

Tony started to walk away from the wall over to where Steve was standing, "I just assumed you didn't. I see your mom drop you off most mornings."

"Stalkish much?" Steve replied, not really knowing how he wanted Tony to take the remark as. Tony only shrugged as he now stood by Steve, "You bet." he smiled brightly with sarcasm. He then proceeded to walk down the sidewalk and turned to Steve, who was watching him head to the parking lot, "Come on, I'll drive."

Steve knew this was a bad idea and he really didn't want anybody to see them together after what happened. Although most people would probably be over it within a week, he still was paranoid and didn't need anything else to happen that arose suspicion about him and his sexuality. Plus, he really just wanted to go somewhere alone to let himself think things over, not with someone else, especially not with Tony. "That's okay, I'm just gonna walk to-"

"Walk where? There's no way you could even walk to the closest place around and get back in time. Just come on." Tony stood still just a ways away from him, waiting for Steve to just agree, which he knew he would. Steve knew that Tony was right and part of him was just telling him to screw it and go, even though the other part of him hated Tony. He finally sighed and rolled his eyes, "Fine. But we can't be back late." Steve caved in and started following Tony, who continued to the parking lot, hiding a small smile

They made their way to Tony's yellow Mustang Convertible that was down and Steve opened the passenger seat door and sat down inside, feeling the comfort of the smooth leather. Tony got in next to him on the driver's side and dug for the keys in his pocket before pulling them out and starting the engine. He looked at Steve and then behind him as he backed out, "So where should we go?" he asked as he turned back around, driving to the exit of the lot. Steve shrugged because he hadn't really thought about it. He was just so set on leaving the people from school that he didn't care. "Doesn't matter to me."

Tony turned out of school grounds and sighed, "Well we have to pick somewhere, I can't just drive around the city forever."

Steve thought about somewhere that was nearby, but nothing really sounded good to him, "I'm just kinda in the mood for ice cream or something sweet like that, what about you?" Steve looked at Tony who was actually paying attention to the road like a good driver does, surprising. Tony laughed lightly and glanced at Steve, "What are you, a girl on her period? Ice cream? That's so random." Steve realized that it was somewhat random and not a typical lunch food, "Yeah true," he smiled, "I don't know, what are you in the mood for?"

Tony turned to the right and then responded, "Well now that it's on my mind, I guess I could go for some ice cream too." Steve smiled and looked out his window. The wind they were driving against ran through Steve's hair, the breeze from the open convertible causing goosebumps to form on his arm but feeling good at the same time. "So ice cream then?" Steve confirmed the idea.

Tony looked at Steve with an odd smile and then looked back at the road, "Yeah, let's go for ice cream."


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