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Well this officially sucks! "Cato, if you do not stop tapping that goddamn pencil on the table, I swear, I will come over there and I will choke the living Hell out of you!" Johanna shouts at the blond sitting two tables behind her. Cato's eyes widen and he puts the pencil in his backpack.

"Ms. Mason!" Principal Snow shouts as he walks into the room. "I advise you to never use profanity again." He stares sharply at Johanna.

Johanna busts out laughing. "What are you going to do if I don't listen to you, Old man?"

Principle Snow narrows his eyes. "Well," he says after closing his eyes for a brief moment. "I think that I can trust most of you to stay in here while I step out." He gets up out of his chair and walks to the door. "No talking and no getting up out of your seats." He turns the knob and leaves.

"Thank God," Johanna exclaims. "He's gone."

"Jo," Glimmer says. "We're not supposed to be talking."

"You just did," Johanna states boldly. "Now, who wants to do something fun?"

"Johanna," Finnick says. "This isn't The Breakfast Club." He crosses his arms over his chest. "We can't do crazy things during detention."

"Why do you guys have to be so uptight?" She asks, running a hand through her short, dark hair. "Come on, Glim." She looks at Glimmer and Glimmer shakes her head. "Clove?" Johanna looks at me.

I shake my head. "Sorry, Jo." I stare at my hands in my lap. "I don't want to get in trouble."

She huffs as she crosses her arms over her chest, then smirks. "How about you, Pretty boy?" She looks at Cato, whom is sitting quietly at his table.

Cato looks up from the paper he's drawing on and looks at the smirking girl. "Were you talking to me?" He points to himself.

Johanna rolls her eyes. "No," she says. "I was talking to Patrick Swayze." She uses her signature sarcastic attitude. "Yes, I was talking to you."

"Wow, back up." Gale says, holding his hands out. "Who's Patrick Swayze?" All the girls gasp at that.

"Have you ever seen Dirty Dancing?" Katniss asks.

"Um, no." Gale says. "Mainly because I'm not an overly-excited fangirl."

"The Outsiders?" I ask.

"Yes," he smiles. "I love that movie!"

"Patrick Swayze is Darrel on there," I say.

"No way," he says sarcastically. "Really?"

Glimmer rolls her eyes. "Shut up, Gale." She crosses her arms over her chest.

Gale smirks. "You know you still want me," he says.

She turns to face him, smiling. "I know what I want, and, Honey, it ain't you." She gets up and joins Johanna, standing in front of us.

"So, Pretty boy," Johanna says awkwardly. "Ya gonna join us, or are ya gonna be one of them kids that stay to theirselves all day, doodling on paper?" She says.

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