Chapter 4

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[ Zania's POV ]

The queen led me into a room. She offered me a drink.

"No thank you, your highness," I say.

"Don't worry about calling me that. You may call me Frigga if you like," Frigga says.

Frigga went to a closet and opened it. She went through it, trying to find new clothes.

I thought it was pretty funny how Frigga just met me and was trying to pamper me already.

"Now, darling," Frigga says. She comes to me with a dress, "Try this on. You may change over there," she says.

It was a really pretty dress. It was a black dress that had beautiful designs which was covered in glitter. It wasn't too much glitter so I was fine.

I fixed my hair a bit.

I walked out, seeing Frigga smiling at me.

"Beautiful. I had a feeling that this dress was going to look ravashing on you," she spoke.

I blushed and said, "Thank you."

She stood there, almost hesitating.

"Um, if I may you have the uhh..." she pointed behind her neck.

I scoffed and turned around and showed her my neck.

Every Faddist has a tattoo sign on the back of their neck. A black star symbol.

Then suddenly i feel a cold finger on it.

I jerk back and spun around.

Frigga looked a bit apologetic.

"Sorry, dear. I just..."

I shook my head and said, "Its fine."

I didn't want to tell her why I did what I did. I didn't want to mess up my reputation.

She then said, "Now, join us for dinner, Zania. We'd love to hear your story."

Jolly. Story time.

We all gathered for dinner. A few new faces came along too.

"You can sit there, Zania. Next to Loki," Frigga said.

Loki sat next to an empty chair. He eyeballed me as his mother called his name, and looked away as I went to sit beside him.

Thor wasn't here for some reason. But we all started dinner already.

It was somewhat strange sitting next to Loki. He didn't bother trying to eat, nor speaking to anyone.

He just stared off into space.

I thought Loki was a handsome man, though he looked like he's been through a lot.

"I've brought a guest," I hear a voice.

I looked for the voice and almost gasped.

Thor had arrived.

With him was a mortal woman.

A mortal.


I was a bit shocked, unlike the others.

They all smiled at Thor and the woman.

"Welcome back, Jane," Odin spoke.

"Thank you," the mortal spoke.

I could smell her mortal scent. She had long black hair, and she wore these unknown wearings.

"A mortal," I whispered.

I hear Loki scoff.

"Always late as usual, son. Sit down now," Frigga told. Thor lead 'Jane' towards their seats. Thor sat beside me, and Jane next to him. I stared at her.

Thor looked at me and smiled.

"Hello, er, what was your name?"

"Zania," I spoke, still staring at the mortal.

"Welcome, Zania. You look beautiful," he spoke.

"Thank you," I say.

"Aren't all Faddist good looking?" asked a woman named Sif here.

I looked at her and said, "I suppose so."

"Obviously they are," said a man named Fandral, looking at me with a smile.

"Stop trying to flirt, Fandral," teased a man named Hogun.

I blushed and looked down.

"I'm not as beautiful as my mother once was," I say.

"Ah, that reminds me. Tell us your story, Zania. Its more understandable hearing it from a Faddist," Odin said.

So I began telling my story from the beginning to end.

"And are you sure you are the last Faddist?" Fandral asked.

"I didn't find others," I reply.

No one said anything.

Then I heard the mortal Jane speak, "You have a lot of scratches on your arms."

My arms had a lot of scratches from fighting against the Leviathans.

I looked at her and answered, "I'm used to battle scars."

She gave me a small smile. And I just so happened to smile back.

Then suddenly my body started to twitch.

I also started daydreaming as well, thinking of the Leviathans.

I didn't hear until later when Thor called, "Zania? You alright?"

I looked at him and said, "I'm fine."

I looked at Frigga and said, "Um, I think I need to rest. I've had a long day."

"Of course dear. Loki, can you take the woman to her bedroom where she'll be sleeping?" Frigga spoke.

"She can find it herself, can she not?" Loki spoke.

Thor stood up and said, "I'll take her, mother. I don't mind."

I looked at everyone and said, "Goodnight. Thank you."

They all said goodnight (except, or course, Loki) and Thor lead me to my guest room.

"Forgive my brother for his behavior," he said, walking me.

"No worries," I say.

Honestly I was a bit hurt of how Loki was treated me. But I tried to rub it off.

"I will be leaving soon, anyways," I say.

"To fight the Leviathans?"

I nodded.

He smiled to himself and said, "Forgive me, but do you have any training besides using fire?"

"I think fire is just fine," I say.

He laughs.

We stop at a door and he opens it.

"Well, thank you," I say.

"Hey Zania," he calls before I close the door.

"If you'd like, I could help train you," he says.

I scoff and smile at him.

"Sure," I answer. He grins.

"Goodnight, Zania," he says.

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