Chapter 40

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Chapter 40
Tris' POV:

As they roll my bed down the hallway to the operating room, I clutch Tobias' hand and cry silently. Tobias rubs my palm gently with his thumb.

"Don't cry Tris, it's gonna be ok," he whispers.

"You don't know that."

"I do know that. Trust me."

The nurses roll me into the room, and I'm greeted by my doctor.

"Hey Tris! Are you ready?" She asks.

I shake my head.

"I'm sorry Tris," she says sympathetically,"but this is how it has to happen."

They set up a curtain between my chest and the beginning of my bump, just like last time. I cry harder. This is bringing back to many memories.

"Tris, what's wrong?" Tobias asks.

"I-I don't want to remember--"

"Then close your eyes Tris. Or look at me. You can look at me the whole time, ok?" He kisses my lips gently.


I'm starting to feel numb all over, as eventually I can no longer feel my stomach area.

"Tobias," I whisper. I don't want to reveal his name on accident.


"I-I can't feel my stomach."

"That's good. That means you won't feel anything," he whispers. I nod.

"Alright Tris, we're ready when you are," the doctor says from behind the curtain.

I take a deep breath as tears roll down my cheeks.

"Are you ready Tris?" Tobias asks.


"Ok, we'll get started."

I feel no pain, but I do feel the pressure of tools on my skin.

"Tobias I'm scared," I say, panicked.

"Look at me Tris. Look at me the whole time, ok?"

I look up into the deep blue eyes I fell in love with so long ago, and instantly feel calmer. Soon, I feel the tugging and pulling of my skin, but still no pain.

This is scaring me more and more.

"Tobias," I whisper desperately.

"Tris, you're ok. You're ok, I love you." He moves the hair from my face, and kisses my head. When I look at him he has a pained look in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"I don't like seeing you like this Tris. Scared."

I squeeze his hand.

"I love you," I say.

"I love you too. So much."

There are a few more minutes of Tobias and I whispering to each other, and some more tugging and pulling before we hear a shrill cry.

"It's the boy!" The doctor announces.

My face lights up. My boy. He's crying. He's ok. Tears stream out of my eyes as I look at Tobias.

"Tris, can I--"

"Go," I tell him.

He leaves my side to see our son. About a minute later he comes back by my side with tears in his eyes. 

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