Arriella and her best friend, Elena, move to London to pursue their dreams but she happens to find something that she's not exactly looking for. LOVE

Becoming a fashion designer is not as easy as they expected, and even when things are fun, they're hard, Arriella thought to expect the unexpected, but this was out of the park. Falling in love was definitely not the plan when she moved to London.

Harry, a member of the world's famous band. Everyone see's the flirty, funny, and happy side of him. But what everyone doesn't know is, He's BROKEN from the inside. From a break up that surely shattered his heart into pieces.

Will Harry recover from his broken heart and remove the walls he's build around his heart?

Will Arriella be able to fix his heart?

But sometimes, the boy doesn't always get the girl, especially when someone is trying to stop it from happening. 

Find out what happens on Arriella's journey to London on My Heart Belongs To You.

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