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Tsuna and his group had revealed their true identities to the Primos, who accepted them, and now both groups live at the Vongola Mansion. The groups were sitting in the wide living room area and were discussing what to do about the Shadows and Moscas.

"We still don't even know who they really are." Ugetsu said.

"Whoever they are, we know they are a threat to the Vongola Family and we have to take them out." G. grunted.

"And they have Moscas from the future." Yamamoto added.

"Then we'll just have to wipe them out." Gokudera grinned.

Tsuna looked down at the floor and sighed. It looks like they're getting caught up in another fight.

"Maybe," He thought, "if we defeat the Shadows and the Moscas, we can return to our own time." He clenched his fist and looked back up.

"I have no choice, I'll have to do this to protect my friends and return everyone to our own time." He thought. Giotto noticed Tsuna's change in attitude, but didn't mention anything.

"Why don't we get some rest for now." Giotto said to everyone. The group turned to look at him.

"I'm sure it's been a tiring day for Decimo and his Guardians, we should let them rest. We can continue our discussions tomorrow." He said calmly. The older group decided it would be fine to let the younger ones rest and stood up to leave the room to continue on with their day or finish their work. Everyone of the older group left except for Giotto and G. who were standing and looked at the younger group, who were sitting still and looking around at each other.

"Umm..." Tsuna started, "Where are we going to sleep?"  Giotto and G. looked at each other, G. frowned, and Giotto only smiled and shrugged.

"You see," Giotto started, "We don't have enough rooms for everyone to stay at, so you're going to have to share rooms with us."

The younger group stared in astonishment as Giotto explained where they were going to be staying while they were in the past.

"I think each of your Guardians should stay with the corresponding Guardian of my group." Giotto said.

Tsuna looked up at Giotto with wide eyes. He was going to share a room with him.

"Staying in a room.... with Giotto?!" Tsuna thought.

"That sounds fine to me, I wouldn't mind staying with Ugetsu." Yamamoto said cheerfully.

"Rooming to the extreme!" Ryohei yelled.

"Doesn't matter to me." Lambo said calmly.

"What? I'm not staying in a room with this guy!" Gokudera said with an upset tone and pointed at G. 

"That's right, I'm not sharing a room with that brat." G. grumbled and glared at Gokudera.

Giotto and Tsuna both looked at each other, and had the slightest smirks that no one else noticed.

"G., please, won't you do this for me, it would mean a lot." Giotto said to G. in a pleading voice.

"Gokudera, I'm relying on you to do this." Tsuna said and put his hands up folding them and pleaded, "Can't you hang on through this for me."

Both Storm Guardians looked at their bosses and their pleaded faces and sighed. They couldn't defy their boss, especially when they asked them like that.

"Fine, Giotto." G. replied.

"Okay, Juudaime." Gokudera said.

The last person in the room was Hibari, who was leaning against the wall in the back of the room with an unreadable expression.

"Hibari..." Tsuna asked quietly. The prefect turned his head to the side in defiance and started walking off. He was about the exit the room when Tsuna called out to him,

"Hibari please, we don't want to cause trouble, can you go along with this, for me." He pleaded.

Hibari stopped at the doorway, and without turning his head, he replied,

"Hn.." He walked out the door and disappeared from their sight.

"G., can you show Tsuna's Guardians to their rooms?" Giotto asked.

"Yes." G. replied and walked out the door, the Guardians following behind as instructed.

Tsuna and Giotto were now the last ones in the room. Giotto started walking towards the exit and gestured for Tsuna to follow him. Tsuna followed the older Vongola boss until they arrived at Giotto's room and went inside. The room was neat, and had a bed, dresser, shelves, a window, a bookshelf, and a large desk with stacks of papers on it. One the side of the room was a small couch where Tsuna had been seated. Giotto walked over to his desk and sat down at the chair. He glanced at the pile of papers sitting on the desk, and then turned his head ignoring them and looked over at Tsuna.

"I'm interested to hear more about you and your Guardians." Giotto said and smiled softly.

"Oh, really?" Tsuna asked.

"Yes." Giotto said calmly. "Your group reminds me of my group when we were younger." He smiled and looked up, thinking of all the memories he has with his Guardians.

"Okay, sure, what do you want to talk about?" Tsuna asked and smiled. 

"Hmm, how about the beginning, when you first met that tutor, 'Reborn', right?" Giotto said.

"Yep, that's his name." Tsuna replied. "There's a lot I can say about him." Tsuna had an unreadable expression as he mentioned his home tutor. 

"This is going to be interesting." Giotto thought as Tsuna began talking about his first encounter with the infant tutor.


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