Chapter 1

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I tapped the end of my pencil against the edge of my notebook and yawned,I hated first period.It was just that simple,school sucks ass.Everyone,well except the people who Actually Enjoy school,but those are the ones who kind of have to like it because its only expected from their families to get a scholarship,or be in the IB program or Advanced placement program,stuff like that.But as for the rest of the school population,no one likes getting up early,and having to go to school at 6 or 7 in the morning.Unless they went to some kick ass party the night before,or lost their virginity the weekend before.

Thats what i didnt get,everything revolves around a few simple words for highschool students..

Sex. Party. Get by,and get the fuck out of highschool.

Was that it? was that all there really is to highschool,just friends,classes,sex,partys,grades and graduation,not including prom and all the other ridiculous or embarressing memories such as tripping,or being waved to when the person whos waving at you,isnt Actually waving to you but the person behind you,so you act like you were going to scratch your head instead and look the other way feeling stupid.When we spend 100s of bucks on yearbooks,prom stuff,prom itself, graduation night,class rings,and junk like that.Wasnt there more?And if there is,maybe all the outgoing wellknown loud kids ,have already figured that they should make the best of the four years,so it would be more memorable?If thats the case,bravo to them,that theyve found the obvious but not wellknown secret to the key of highschool.

Who am i kidding?Ill never get laid by the time im 20,the first time i get laid will most likely be the night i get married,IF i even get that far.As my mother would put me being "antisocial" and telling me that "you need to make friends,why dont any of them come over?Any plans for friday?" And my answers are always the same,short,simple negative Nope.

I havent been to one single party,i have never even had a relationship,except once,sortve.

I went on a date with this girl who was middle class,not popular,not loser,but the normal average label,if we want to be specific,though i hate labels myself.I took her to the movies,and i sortve liked her,i guess.She was nice,and sortve pretty,she smelled really nice,and i guess i just went with the motions.We sat down in the theatre,and we were watching a horror flick..bad idea.Little did i know,this girl was paranoid,and was scared shitless by scary movies,and she didnt even bother telling me.I had gone to put my arm around her ,you know to comfort and to just be normal to her,but that didnt work.I ended up giving her a bloody nose,and i dont even want to explain How.Its bad that ive even went into that much detail as it is.Her name was Sarah,yeah sarah wont even Look or acknowledge me now,not ever since that night.But dont worry,that was only freshman year,and rumours at my school spread like wild fire.Everyone stays away from me,calling me the music,or art geek.Or just plain weirdo.

Its a bit annoying because i even get labeled by my own family,especially my own siblings.And its not the kind of usual typical label ,teasing thing that brothers and sisters do.We Use to do that sortve thing when i was 10 or 12..But now that ive defined myself,and after everything ive done through the years,they really Truly do believe im a Freak. I heard my sister tell my mother once in the car on a road trip,thinking i was asleep, but i wasnt.My sister called me a freak,and my mother agreed.And they were not joking,because i know the difference..the sad part was,i was only 16..

I started drawing on the corner of my paper and getting lost in my thoughts,not bothering to care about the news of some new student introducing himself at the front of the class.Mr.Colver mentioned my name and to raise my hand ,and i raised it without bothering to stop doodling,not caring.All i needed was just another person,another idiotic,immature popularity wishing ,hormonal,horny teen calling me a weirdo,along with the other 200+ students..

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