Chapter 15

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To say I was stunned by the words that were in the message would be an understatement. My mouth wouldn't close for at least one minute, and my eyes didn't leave the screen either. Where did it even come from? I hadn't uttered a single word to Louis since we talked in our bathroom two days ago, yet here he was, telling me that I was ripping his heart out by doing something of which I didn't know? What did I do?

My heart kept pounding like crazy during that whole period, and I didn't even dare glance around the classroom, too afraid that I would catch the feathery-haired boy glaring at me or something. To be honest, I was scared for dear life during that whole day. I tried my best to ignore him, keeping close to both Niall and Liam, but mostly Niall since I didn't want Liam to start talking about Louis again.

It went quite well up until I had to attend the last class of the day; P.E. I bit my fingernails nervously as I made my way to the locker rooms, my backpack slung over my shoulder carelessly. My legs were literally shaking, and if it weren't for the fact that I was taking big, deep breaths, I was sure I would've fallen to the ground a long time ago.

I had said goodbye to Niall and Liam just a few minutes ago, both of them looking worried to leave me alone even though they had no idea why I was shaking like a leaf. Of course they asked me about it, but being the stubborn person I was, I kept it to myself because I knew they wouldn't understand if they didn't know the whole story, and I definitely couldn't tell them about it because that would include admitting my feelings for Louis, and that couldn't happen.

Slowly, I opened the door to the locker room and hesitantly walked over to an empty locker. Since I had made sure to be here earlier than usual today to avoid a certain lad who was always late, there weren't many people in here yet, only three guys who I was almost certain were in my History class, but since I never really talked to them, I didn't know for sure.

Once I had checked Louis wasn't there, I hurried to unzip my backpack and change out of my clothes to put on my sports gear instead. It took me only about three minutes until I was finished, which I was happy about because Louis hadn't arrived yet and I could go out to the gym without having to face him. The only problem was that I was first in there, and that wasn't very fun. But, if it meant I didn't have to encounter Louis, it was worth it.

About five minutes remained until the lesson started when all students began to fill up the gym. Some people started playing some football to kill time while others sat down to have small talk. I always felt so left out in this class because I literally didn't have anyone here, but at least it was only in this one class.

"Okay, so today we're playing double badminton, and before you say anything else - no, you do not get to pick your partner. I'm going to be doing it for you to mix it up a little," Mr. Wilson informed us when the bell had rung and everybody was sitting in a half circle around him.

The sound of people disagreeing was instantly followed by his words, but I couldn't say I had any problem with him picking partners. That only meant there was more of a chance I would end up with someone that was decent, and that would make it more fun. Not that I was very good at sports, but I wasn't that bad... right?

Mr. Wilson first explained the rules before giving each student a card that showed a number. The one who had the same number as you was going to be your partner. When he gave me my card, I flipped it over to see number ten. Curiously, I looked up to see who had got the same one as me. Everyone was trying to find their partner, though, so it wasn't exactly an easy task to find yours.

"Who has number ten?" a familiar voice suddenly asked, and my insides froze to ice. Oh, no. Please tell me this was a joke. What were the odds that he out of all people had to be partnered with me? What was this? Some kind of payback for whatever I had done to him in the past?

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