Chapter 6

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"I've never kissed Rose," Adrian said, staring pointedly at Dimitri. Dimitri stared back at Adrian. Dimitri took an M&M and continued staring at Adrian. I joined in on glaring at Adrian.
"What's going on?" Liss asked. She looked between Dimitri, Adrian and me.
"Nothing," Dimitri and I said at the same time.
"Okay then..." Christian said.
"Can we continue playing I Never?" Mia whined. I looked over at Mia who looked annoyed at the interruption.
"Yeah, let's continue," I said and glared at Adrian and Dimitri.

"I Never had a crush on one of my teachers," Christian said and smirked at me. I glared at him as Liss and I took an M&M each. Christian looked shocked when Liss took an M&M as well. "Don't look so surprised, Sparky. I know a lot of girls who have or had a crush on one of their teachers," I said. Christian still shocked. Lissa, Jill, Mia and I started laughing.
"My turn. I Never did it in a church attic," I said after mine and the other girls' laughs died out. Lissa and Christian glared at me and took an M&M each.
"I Never did it with Jesse," Christian said. Mia took an M&M sheepishly.
"Made out yes, it no," I told Christian while shooting daggers at him.
"I Never kissed a girl," Mia said. All the guys took one.
"I Never not liked trains," Eddie said. Almost everyone took an M&M. Eddie stared at those of us who took an M&M. We all shrugged back.
"I Never knew I was a royal until a while ago," Jill said. Lissa, Adrian and Christian took an M&M.
"What about those of us that aren't royals?" Mia asked.
"Just don't take one," Jill answered.
"My turn again. I Never had it with Belikov," Adrian said. Dimitri and I glared at him.

"Okay, what's going on?" Lissa said, interrupting the glare fest between Adrian, Dimitri and I.
"Does anyone know what happened after the Jesse incident?" Adrian asked, "Except for Belikov and Rose of course."
"Adrian, what are you suggesting?" Lissa inquired and leaned in to make sure she wouldn't miss his answer.
"Would Cradle-Robber like to tell us what he did to our little Dhampir?" Adrian asked.

A/N: I know, I know. I've been neglecting this story but here is the 6th chapter. Why Adrian? Why you do this? Tell me if you guys want me to make Dimitri lie, and get away with it or not, or tell the truth. Thanks and love you all!

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