Chapter 15

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Lord Marcus’ manor was beautiful and extravagant; it was just as good as the Blackburn Manor, if not better. However, it was certainly more welcoming and there was almost a look of pride when Zayn requested to be homed in Lord Marcus’ Manor instead of the Blackburn Manor… Everyone saw it as an honour to house the King, even the human servants.

Everyone but Lady Alice… Evelyn's unfortunate cousin who had became Lord Marcus’ wife a few years earlier. Even though she had grown used to living in house with various high ranked vampires and other supernatural creatures swooping in and out every day, she despised the presence of the King in her hose. Mostly because she knew he had the full intention of doing what her husband had done to her; take away her freedom and become his servant, hostage, captive, possession.

Whatever she was to Marcus, Alice knew that she had never been Marcus’ wife and what they had wasn’t a marriage of any sorts. Because to be a wife to someone, mutual love was required and a marriage was the permanent bonding of two people who would be equals.

Marcus loved Alice beyond words and he had shown her that every day since the day he met her, but she was no equal to the great vampire lord. Like Evelyn would never be an equal to Zayn.

However, it doesn’t matter how welcoming and hostile Lord Marcus was and how wonderful his home was. Deep down, Zayn would always pick staying at the Blackburn Manor over staying with his dear friend’s home.


Well, the reason for his biased preference towards the Blackburn Manor goes by the name of Evelyn, the apple to Zayn’s eyes.

Zayn could have stayed at the Blackburn manor – even after that ‘almost taking Evelyn by force’ incident. He was the King after all, he had the world at his feet and he had every right to everything that made him happy. And if Evelyn was what made him happy, she would be his without questions.

But he couldn’t trust himself with living under the same roof as Evelyn without doing something bad to her and force her into things that she clearly didn’t want; not with him anyway.

Zayn sighed deeply as he took a swig from the glass of whiskey in his hand. To earn her affections and love, he needed to give her time and space.

He did not want to build their relationship on fear and her powerless position of denying her presences to him… But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an option. It was just the last choice, that’s all.

The room that Lord Marcus had provided the King was second to none. It was incredibly large, it would put some of the most expensive and luxurious suites in some of the finest hotels in the Vampire Nation to shame.

Zayn’s ‘bedroom’ was separated into three different rooms. When you entered the room you would walk straight into a glorious living room with blood red carpeted floors and a crystal chandelier hanging from the high ceilings. Full length windows that displayed the luscious green gardens of the manor at its best view, and before it was a large mahogany desk with a top of the range computer, basic stationeries and piles after piles of paper work for Zayn to look over.

Just because he was away from the Royal Palace, doesn’t mean that he could take time off and become a tourist for a few weeks. Being the King of the majority of the world was a hard task.

Though the population had dropped drastically since the third world war when the vampires took over, the population was still high and the constant displeased humans were making life difficult for their current rulers. The humans were constantly rioting and causing troubles for the government… Though it was next to impossible for a human to actually kill a vampire, it wasn’t entirely impossible and many had done it.

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