The Story Of Her Life

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Warning! A little sad, maybe triggering, I don't know. This has nothing to do with the zodiac signs, but I posted it anyway. I saw this one person do this, and she inspired me to do it as well. You can skip it if you like, I just really needed to get this off my chest. And if you relate to any of this and need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me.

This is a story about a girl.

She never got bullied, her family didn't abuse her, she got good grades, she had friends, so you'd think that her life is pretty much perfect, don't you? Wrong.

When she was 7, she and her family moved from America to Norway to live with her mom's side of the family. It was different, colder, but she didn't care too much about it. Even though she was the new girl at school, a lot of people still wanted to be with her and play with her in the recesses.

Third grade came around and everything was still fine. She had friends and good grades, but she was put in the same class as her crush. She started feeling anxiety for the first time, and stopped eating at school most days. She also stopped raising her hand in class.

That went on 'till fifth grade. The end of summer before fifth grade, the anxiety started getting worse. She was scared about going to a new school. She would have the same classmates and all, but different teachers, classes, a new school, and it scared her. She feared change.

Fifth grade started and it actually wasn't that bad. Her teacher was nice, and she was put into the same class as her best friend. What could go wrong? Anxiety. The anxiety got worse and worse. She no longer ate at school at all, and she would never raise her hand in class. If the teacher asked her a question in class, she wouldn't be able to get any words out, and if she did, they came out as stutters. She would feel so embarrassed afterwards, that she would usually cry.

She started developing more. She would tap, touch or rub things in fours. She would do stuff in a specific way, and everything else was wrong. She would eat in a specific order, she would get dressed in a specific order, she would touch stuff in a specific order. She didn't think much of it, and usually didn't even notice she was doing those "compulsions".

But then, she started having trouble breathing. She would feel as if she couldn't breathe, and would take a deep breath. Usually, she could breathe after that "extra breath". But that didn't stop her from worrying. She started doing it more, and eventually her parents noticed. At first it wasn't a big deal, but then she had to take deeper breaths more often, and that worried her parents.

Her mom took her to see a doctor to figure all this out. The doctor said she had Social Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD for short. The doctor also said that the breathing problem could be because of her anxiety. The doctor suggested to talk with the school nurse.

So a couple days later, the girl and her mom went back to the doctor's and talked with the nurse. She also said that the girl had anxiety and OCD, and that the breathing problem could be caused by the anxiety. She started talking with the nurse for 10 minutes each week.

Then it was sixth grade. Also known as hell. It had started getting harder at home. Her dad didn't want to stay there in Norway, because he couldn't find a job and had no one to talk to during the day. Her mom was stressed because of her work, and often worked on the weekends too. She was fighting a lot with her sister, and all of this combined was really hard for the girl.

Her depression really hit when she had a fight with her best friend, her first friend. She had no idea what was going on, her friend just started avoiding her. She would follow her friend around, convincing her to tell her what was wrong. One day, her friend had enough and turned around, saying, "I don't want to be your friend anymore. I've grown apart from you." The poor girl's heart broke, and she ran away crying.

She still didn't know what she had done, but apologized anyway. In person, social media, she even sent her a letter to tell her she was sorry. No response.

Every time she was in the same room as her ex-friend, her ex-friend would tell her she was following her, even though she wasn't. The girl had enough, and went to the teachers.

It got so bad that the girl, her mom, ex-friend, ex-friend's mom, two teachers, and the school nurse had to sit down and talk together. The poor girl felt heartbroken and betrayed. She loved her with all her heart, and she stomped all over it. After that, the girl had trust issues and stopped opening up to people.

The anxiety was also getting worse that year. She stopped leaving her house, and would stay in her room. She lost friends that way, 'cause she would never pick up the phone or join in on any activities. And whenever anything was happening at school, like gym or a trip, her anxiety got so bad that she couldn't go. People started saying that she was skipping school, and she was back talked a lot.

That leads us to now, seventh grade. She has two friends left, and I know that might sound like very few, but she's grateful enough to have them. Her anxiety and OCD is getting worse, along with the breathing problem. But at least the depression is getting better. She still doesn't eat anything at school, and she eventually stopped getting hungry, and every time she did eat, her stomach would start hurting. This worried her and the rest of the family, and she hasn't figured out why that happens yet.

But one wonderful day, she found an app called Wattpad. She started writing a story, and was surprised when she had 12k reads. Heck, she was happy when she had 20. She's started a couple other stories as well, but she was the most proud over the one with 12k reads.

There was even a time when she was having suicidal thoughts, but she's glad she didn't go through with it, 'cause then she wouldn't be spending all her time writing. She never knew it before, but she loves writing. It's her new inspiration. It keeps her going.

Do you know what her name was? Her name was Kaitlin, but you can call her Kate.

Do you know what her username is? kaitlinannettedavis.

Do you know who that is? Why, it's me.

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