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Calum and you were watching TV. Then all of a sudden the house phone rings. Calum goes and answers it. "Hello" he said. You took this time to check your social media. "Hey (Y/N) I have to go to a recording session. Want to come?" Calun asked. "No. Am okay." You said with a smile.
"Okay. See you tonight. Also don't read any of you comments or tweets please?" Calum said/asked. I nodded my head but I wasnt going to listen to him for shit. He kissed my forehead and left.
I was checking my Instagram and watching Dexter. I looked at the comments and saw so much hate more then the nice. But on stood out the most. "Go to the restroom and cut deeper. Calum will never love you. You are ugly, fat, stupid, and a freak. JUST DROP DEAD!" The person is right you know. My demons said. Just shut up and leave my brain. I said in my mind. No sorry hun you have to deal with me. They said. Just go and cut has deep as you can. And you will be free from me and the others. They said.
Maybe I should. Leave this world and join mum and dad. Be with them for ever. I walked to the restroom grabbed grabbed my razor and cut parrell from my skin. "Goodbye world." I said and sat in the bath tub. I was trying to keep my eyes open but that was more difficult. The next thing I see before blacking out is Calum coming in the bathroom and calling the hospital.
*at hospital*
I opened my eyes to see whit walls and I know where I was. "Hello ms.(Y/L/N). You are in the hospital. You boyfriend Calum hood is in the waiting room would you like to see him?" The nurse explained/asked. I nodded. She exit the room and left me alone. Why didn't I just die?
"Oh (Y/N) I was worried about you." Calum said walking into the room. "Am sorry calum" I said starting to cry. "No its okay babe. You looked didn't you?" He asked. I nodded.
He sighed and hugged me. "Let this behind us. Yeah?" He asked. And I nodded. "Want to play a bored game." He asked. I nodded.

The rest of the night we played bored games.

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