Please be aware that because this is a lemon, this chapter will contain strong sexual themes! So strong that it will make you fap until you fly like a birdie!


You looked out the window to see 2 blue birds mating with each other. You giggled a bit. "Alyssa!" You turn your head to see Mr. Chuchutrainisanoldmanthatlookslikeawoman's face angered. "Y-yeah?" You stuttered. Then, you noticed that heads were turned your way which caused you to turn red.

He took a sigh. "I'd like you to come up here and answer this formula, please!" He said firmly, yet politely. Before you stood up from your chair, the bell had rung and it was now time for the students to go home. "Lucky...." You heard a person say.

"Well, you are all now dismissed, be sure to study pages 268 and 269!" They all left and as usual, groups of people instantly formed and they started to talk about numerous things.

"What are you doing for Valentines?" Said 2 voices. To your left you saw England and to the right was America. "AMERICA! You git, w-what are you doing....?"

"What do you think?" He asked putting an arm around you. "So lovely, what are you doing for Valentines today?" He asked flirtatiously. You felt your cheeks heat up. "Nothing!" America made a gagging noise and crouched over. England had kicked him, now this time, England had put his arm around you, guiding you the opposite direction of America.

"So, if you're doing nothing, would you like to spend it with me?" He said sweetly. "Uh, su-..." You were cut off and America had pushed England over. "No, s-spend it with me!" He desperately said. "No.... me!" England said.

You sighed and the two of them stopped fighting. "If only Alyssa could be shared with the both of us!" England said sadly. Then, that's when America had an idea, specifically a dirty one. America gave England a sheepish grin. "It's possible!" England raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean...Oh...." He figured out.

"So love, you wouldn't mind spending it with us 2, would you?" America said suggestively. "I-I-I-I wouldn't mind but, as long as you 2 don't fight! Other than that, I'm quite excited!" You linked both of their arms with yours. America laughed his American laugh.

"So, where are we going?" You asked energetically.

"Anywhere you'd like!" England said. "We should go to Iggy's house!" America recommended. "If England doesn't mind then, I'm willing to go there!" Hesitantly, England tries to think of whether or not it's okay. "Sure, but if you see some odd magazines, they are not mine!"

America chuckled in disbelief, "If these 'odd' magazines aren't yours, then who do they belong to?" England turned a bit red. "Shut up you arse!" England said. This caused you to laugh.

"It's alright Iggy, there's no need to be scared to admit it!" You playfully teased him and once again, he turned red.

____________________________Time skip to England's house________

England got out his key and opened the door to his big mansion. Your eyes were filled with surprise. Now you knew why America wanted to go to his house. "It's so big..." You say. "Really.... well thanks!" England said. "You guys can sit yourself down and feel at home!" He said kindly. Then the 3 of you sat on the couch with an awkward silence.

"Sooo....." You say breaking the silence. America did the unthinkable and kissed you on the cheek. "Oi, not fair!" England said pulling you towards him. You felt his arms wrap around you. England used a single finger and traced your jaw line, making his deep green forest eyes meet yours. He grinned pulling you slowly into a kiss. America's mouth was wide. "Dude!" He said in a whisper scream.

While England's lips was still in contact with yours, this time another set of arms were wrapped around you. America smirked and started to kiss your neck in hopes that England would be jealous. England was shocked at first, but then he decided to take it further. He slipped his hand under your shirt. You turned red, not knowing whether it was a good thing or bad.

With a free hand, America did the same as England and groped your breast. Then, he unclipped your bra. "H-hey......" You said helplessly in a small voice. America decided to go further and so, he put a hand down your pants all the way to your.....yeah. He felt your wetness and chuckled as he started to finger you. England took off your skirt, long with your undergarments.

America continued to finger you and England now lurched forward, sucking on your nips. You moaned as they got harder. "Sounds like you're enjoying it, love! Would you like us to treat you to more?" England asked as he twirled a finger around the ends of your hair. You nodded your head. "Yes, please!" You begged politely.

England took off his pants, along with his boxers setting it aside on the floor. His erected manhood looked big. The thought of it actually fitting into you was merely impossible. "Don't worry I'll be gentle. America too took off his pants and his boxers throwing them on the couch. "N-no, me first!" America whined. America carried you and set you on his lap in a sitting position. You were facing him with your legs apart, then America went deep inside of you not moving yet.

"Git....." You heard England say under his breath. Then, as you were adjusting to America's size, you felt pleasure. America didn't hesitate to suddenly thrust inside of you rapidly. "A-ah..." you wrapped your arms around America's neck, tangling your fingers in his hair. "Jealous?" America said to England.

England started to kiss you greedily on the neck while he groped your breast. He smirked up to America as his nose traveled in between your breast. America started to thrust into you harder and harder. America then took you off his manhood and gently passed you over to England. This caused England to grin a grin he had never done before. It was a mixture of both determination and lust.

England leaded down the couch with his back against the armrest. You sat atop of him and you did the pleasure of putting his manhood into your womanhood. England's expression was changed to an amazed one just at how tight you were. Before he could even start thrusting into you, you pinned both of his hands down onto the couch moving your hips.

England smiled. As you got into a steady beat, America traced a finger around you neck giving you slow kisses which made you moan. His kisses trailed off to where you mouth was and then America pulled you into a deep kiss. You felt his tongue discover around you mouth. "You like that?" America whispered in your ear. You nodded your head as you continued to do England.

The couch started to make noises as you thrusted into England. "M-mh, Iggy! I'm going to-" you panted. "-climax!"

"Wow!" Said America amazed as he held your breast tightly. Suddenly, you came and your fluids dashed out in between England's manhood and your womanhood. You got off of England and sat with your legs together. America sat back also with his arm around you. England decided to sit up from his position.

In unison, all your faces turned pink. Then, with 2 of your arms you wrapped them around both of their necks and brought them close to you. "Happy valentines day!" You said. "It was the best one I'd ever had!" You winked.

"Happy Valentines..." England quietly said. "Happy valentines!" Then America said. Both of e two of them gave you a kiss on the cheek.


O.O" not sure how that threesome would work.. *cough* also, the reason why I didn't make any of them....climax was because A.) I really think that it's weird if all of a sudden when either England or America is going to climax then take their youknowwhat and climax, then it would end up all over the place and because in this story... DAT climax may end up on one of them!

And B.) If England climaxed into you, the reader, that would mean you and him would have a baby and poor America would be left out xD vice versa! I hope that my explanatory wasn't over-exaggerated and isn't unclear! It's just my opinion ^^

K, alrighty, byes :D ^^

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