Faith Brought Me Home

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Hey guys! I will be writing yet another book! I really wanted to write a Christian book, and I came up with this idea! Thank you Rae soo much! LeviElizabethRami came up with the title to this book and I love it! Well thanks! Hope you like it!

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"We'll be back sometime in the middle of the night. Don't stay up for us, now get to bed!" my mom shouted at us as my parents left to go to the bar.

My parents always left us home alone, even when I was five and my brothers were both three.  We were always scared, of the outside world.  I've never been outside.  I'm always locked in the house when mom and dad are off somewhere.

Hi, welcome to my life.  My name's Alayna Mel Johanson. 

I'm now 17, and my life has always been the same.  

My brothers and I do online homeschooling so I haven't even been outside to go to school. 

My mom's been to prison twice, for selling drugs. 

My dad's been to prison once, also for selling drugs. 

My brothers are now 15, and they're pretty much off on their on. 

I always feel alone, scared, and unsafe. 

Whenever I get out of my room to walk around the house, it's always the same. 

Cussing, yelling, and doors slamming. 

The smell is always the same, too.

Alcohol, smoke, and other drugs.

I always feel lost, like there's nobody to turn to.

Except there is, I just don't know that yet...

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