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Lucy P.O.V

We were all packing getting ready to leave on a tour.

This is really it huh?

I haven't received a text from Natsu since the concert maybe everything that happened was a dream.

Everything should go back to normal right? No Natsu no END. They go their separate ways and we go ours.

It's sad though. I really love him but business comes before all of that but I just least once more....

Juvia P.O.V

We have all already said our goodbyes to our significant others.

I wonder is Gray would miss me. It's not like we would be together anymore anyway. This seemed like it would last but after the concert they just disappeared.

On our way to the airport, we are going to board a plane to Los Angeles.

The airport was near empty as I met up with the rest.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Levy asked.

"But can't we wait a little longer?" Lucy pleaded I shook my head.

"They are not coming." Lucy's head hung low.

"But we aren't going to be back for an entire 5 months.

"Lucy they are just as busy as we are. You can't keep a good relationship that way." Erza told her.

"But what about you and Jellal." Erza flinched as sadness swam through her eyes.

"I had to cut ties just like the rest of you. We are a unit now and I can't go off to see him freely like I used too." I knew tears were about to leave her eyes any second.

"We need to keep a smile. We can't let our fans down." Mirajane encouraged.

"Flight 346 now boarding." We all exchanged looks.

"That's us." Levy noted and we grabbed our suitcases. I took a glance backwards.

They aren't coming...

Lucy P.O.V

Once we boarded the plane, we all couldn't sit together. Thee was a man next to me reading the news paper.

I took the opportunity to look outside the window waiting for our take off.

"Sir do you know what time it is?" I asked. He lifted his wrist to his face on the other side of the newspaper.

"11:01." Wait! Is that who is think it is?!

I pushed the newspaper down and...


It wasn't Natsu...

It was just some guy that was part of our staff.

I reluctantly fell back into my seat leaning back about to take a nap.

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