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Hi my name is Ashton, some would call me Ash...If I had any friends that is. I'm a 15 year old werewolf and I'm turning 16 soon. But if your a human you wouldn't believe the werewolf part because you don't know we exist. I live alone with my abusive family that adopted me. I'm also cyber, physical, and verbally bullied. I went emo so I cut along side everything else. No one knows I'm abused and good thing because they won't know 'he' rapes me also.. No one knows its a living hell hole for me and no one will. My 'pack' won't let me into the pack house either so I know when I turn 16 I won't be able to find my mate endless I find him at school, were I know he will reject me no matter if his wolf like me or not. So no protection from everyone. Well looks like the MoonGoddess hates me.. No wolf, female, change in tell they meet their mate, their mate is spouse to help them through it because it hurts much more for us then for the males, if their mate doesn't help them through it they die. So looks like im going to die when I change.


Author Note~ NekoGirl1760:

Ello please call me Raven im the author of this book I hope you enjoy it. How do i add a person to my story? I want my Senpai to be able to edit it but not be reading it over my laptop or send it to her or write it on paper.

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