62. Friday

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Good morning guys!:) or whenever you read this.. Hope today's good! Schools almost out yay!:) anyways. As you all know stay is soon to be coming to an end but this summer I will be doing a mini series about their trip to Louisiana!! If you want to know when that will be happening following me on twitter is best to keep you up to date on when this all goes down. Twitter: confusedbcharry tumblr: mckenduhx.tumblr.com and enjoy this chapter:) xox*

62. Friday

Waiting till the day before you have to go to the actual party to get the gifts wasn't smart.

I put the car in park as we walked into Harry's home. His mum greeted us at the door and took our bags and brought them inside. For tonight we were staying here and celebrating as a 'family' although I'm not really a family member.

I looked at Anne with a worried glance as she nodded.

"You didn't know what to get her did you?!" She asked like she already knew.

"Yes, I know it's terrible but how do I get a gift this fast?"

"Just go get her some jewelry. She'll love a good piece of jewelry. Harry can stay here i'll come with you." She winked walking off to get her jacket and things. Harry looked at me a smile.

"Are you leaving?" He asked nervously.

"Yeah, me and Anne are going to get Gemma's gift." I grabbed his hand in mine rubbing my thumb over his knuckles.

"I don't want you going out in Cheshire." He stood his grounds.

I knew he didn't want me running into someone he knew or liked. That's just him.

"I'm not going to stay here because you want me too." I said quietly. He sighed heavily his warm breath hitting my face like a wall.

"I know, because I know you." He rolled his eyes annoyingly and I hit his arm hard.

"Don't worry! Spend time relaxing, okay?" I nodded with an easy smile.

"I love you." He leaned forward kissing me lightly and I kissed him back. His mum walked back in with a grunt to tell us she was in the room. He pulled back looking at her but I just stared at him momentarily genuinely in love with every bit of him.

"Lets go, Rose. We've got some catching up to do." Anne said excitedly. I nodded walking off towards her but glanced back at harry who gave me an uneasy smile.

"Love you." I mouthed before stepping foot into the chilly atmosphere.

I sat shotgun watching Anne pull out of the drive way. She wore a grin that reminded me of Harry.

"How are you and Harry, you're finally dating again?! I'm so happy, I was so disappointed when I found out you two broke up. Harry wouldn't tell me why, and you don't have to tell me, but I'm glad you two are back together." She babbled as we drove down the road.

"Yeah, I'm happy about how this all turned out." I paused. Should I tell her why? I don't know if it would change her feelings towards him. "We broke up out of a stupid decision." I settled with. "He wanted to go out and party and I didn't so I said if you leave i'll break up with you. He left." I chuckled, although that obviously isn't the reason we broke, we've had arguments like that before.

"That boy," she tsk'ed. "Sometimes I wonder how you can put up with him." She joked.

"Love makes you do crazy things." I sighed heavily.

"It does indeed." She agreed lowly. I looked over at her young face. She looked deep in thought and concentration.

"So, are you excited for the ball?!"

"Of course! It's so exciting. I have about 150 guests, and Gemma hasnt a clue!" She gushed with pride.

"You're so cheeky."

"I must've picked it up from Harry." She looked at me and winked.

I laughed lightly then looked away. I felt the car come to a stop and I looked at the building. It was a small boutique that looked like something Gemma would shop at. So classy and modern.

We walked inside and looked around. I was immediately attracted to a set of gloves and ear muffs that suited Gemma's style and beauty.

I grabbed them holding them tightly and walked to Anne who couldn't take her eyes off of a pair of earrings.

"Excuse me." I called over a worker. "Could I get those earrings?"

"Of course, honey." She smiled grabbing them and handing them to me.

They were classic, just a nice little stone. Anne gawked at them clearly pleased.

"Should I get her these?" I asked unsure of who Anne would want the gift for. Her or Gemma.

"Yes! And I like those accessories you've picked up, timeless." She smiled.

I nodded walking over to the check out and set them down. I reached for the money in my back pocket pulling out the whole of it.

"Anne, how are you dear?"

"Lovely, Jenna, yourself?"

"Great! Everyone here is so excited about the ball tomorrow we've got a big surprise for Gems." The girl, Jenna, replied with a wink. "And who might this be?" Jenna pointed at me as I sorted out the money.

"That's Rose, Harry's girlfriend, she's staying wit us for the weekend along with Harry." Anne smiled with her hand on my back rubbing circles making me more comfortable.

"Lovely to meet you, Im Jenna." The fiery red head stuck out her hand. I grabbed it and shook it softly as she smiled at me. She was really beautiful. I liked her personality as well.

"I'm Rose, obviously." I giggled handing her the money. I watched her fish for my change as memories came back to me.


Jenna, from Cheshire.

Jenna, the other girl.

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