Chapter 10

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Daddy Mac in the MM

I finish up in the tub, and I get out to dry myself. I stand in the mirror as I am drying off, and I notice that it's time for a haircut, and time to shave. I really let myself go. I grab the comb that was on the sink, and start to comb through my little afro...

The door to the bathroom opens, and in walks Isis. "Hey are you okay?" She asks, coming up behind me.

"Yeah I'm good." I say as she takes the comb from my hand.

She begins combing my hair for me, and the naps really hurt. "Boy, you got good hair." She says and I smile.

"Thanks." I blush.

"You have shrinkage though." She says, looking at me in the mirror.

"What is that?" I ask.

"It's when your hair shrinks, and once you comb or straighten it, your hair gets longer." She explains and I nod in agreement.

"So when do I meet the head dude?" I ask as we gather my things, and walk into her room.

"See if you can wear these clothes." She says throwing a Ralph Lauren bag on the bed.

I look at the back and sit in the bed. "What is this?" I ask as I pull the bag closer to me.

She places her hand on her hip. "It's clearly clothes baby boy." She says batting her eyelashes.

"You didn't have to get me this." I respond to her.

"Hush up and try it on. I'll step out." She walks over to the door and turns around quickly. "Oh there are underwear in these as well." She smiles and I smile slightly back at her.

I pull my towel off, and dry myself, quickly trying to beat the air as it touches my damp skin. I pick the bag up to inspect its insides. It was three outfits and three new pairs of underwear inside the bag. I pull out the blue polo shirt with the white logo, and the khaki shorts matched with it. I rub some lotion on myself, and slide into the black Calvin Klein underwear.

After this, I put on the outfit. I examine myself in the stand up mirror, and I look decent. Though nothing could wash the years of filth and uneasiness off of me.

Isis knocks on the door, and comes in with whom I guess was a male hooker. I turn to face the two as they enter. "This is Andreas. Andreas this is..... Honey, I haven't caught your name."

I contemplate on telling her my real name before I open my mouth. "My name is....." I stop tripping over my thoughts as they squint their eyes at me. "My name is Darrien." I lie through my teeth.

"Hmm it fits you." He says placing his finger on his lip. "Well like she said I'm Andreas and I'm gonna show you around the block."

"After you meet Daddy Mac." Isis interjects.

"That seems fine." I smile lowly.

"Well let's not waste any more time. He should be in the office." Isis says clapping her hands together.

I begin walking nervously behind Isis and Andreas. Who was this boss man? What would he have me doing? I don't want to rule anything out from this experience.

I get knocked from my thoughts as Isis slaps me softly on my cheek. "Did you just hear anything I just said?" She asks me.

I shake my head no. "My mind was elsewhere." I respond honestly.

"Well, I was just telling you to never address him as anything other than Daddy Mac, always kiss his right hand before speaking, and never ever ever look him in the eye." She says placing a hand on my shoulder. "You got that?"

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