Chapter Twenty Four : Bitten

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The bedroom door burst open, and Sebastian stood there large as life and gorgeous as ever. “There you are. I went to the flat. It was empty. I was worried.”

“You’ve left your concern a little late,” I said, trying to hide my elation at his return.

“I came back as soon as I could.” His voice took on a little-boy-lost tone, expecting empathy, and when he didn’t get it, he continued, slightly chafed, “We found Jimmy…in case you’re interested. He’s being transported to Carleigh General, as we speak. He’ll be given Mathanway’s potion, but it’s critical. I’m not sure we’ve caught him in time. He might not make it.”

“Worth the trip then.”

He huffed. “Nice to know you care. I thought you’d be pleased to see me. We’ve been apart for weeks. I was expecting open arms, not animosity, but perhaps you lie in someone else’s arms now?” His gaze held a challenge. “Con?”


They saluted one another politely.

“I see my side of the bed is nicely warmed.”

“Huh? Nah, man. You’re way off there, dude. You left me on guard, and Tyron’s been sniffing around.”

“Tyron? Tyron Reith?” Sebastian’s nostrils flared with anger. “You should have told me.”

Oh, now he was worried about me.

“Yeah? Well you gotta answer your phone for that,” Connor said.

“Does he know? About Sophie?”

Connor shook his head. “I don’t think so. His nose is out of joint. He wanted to add her to his conquest cabinet.”

“I hope you ensured he didn’t?”

“Did my best…but if he’d succeeded, I wouldn’t blame myself. You’ve been gone ages, man. She’s your girlfriend, your responsibility.” Connor rose and they faced up to each other.

“Well I’m back now, and I don’t plan on going anywhere soon.” Sebastian stood firm.

Connor stared a little longer than necessary into Sebastian’s eyes, before giving a gentle nod of his head. “Leave her with you, then.” He grabbed his T-shirt from the nearby chair, and left.

I felt deflated, uneasy. Sebastian was my boyfriend and I loved him, but Connor had always been there for me. I missed him already.

Sebastian undressed in silence and slid in beside me.

“Tell me about these,” he said, touching the marks left by Tyron.

“Nice of you to notice.”

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