Chapter Three: The Shaman

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Gabriela chewed on her lip as she turned off her car, she peeked over at the house wondering if she had lost her mind; her grandmother had directed here after the disaster that had been her wedding.

Gabriela had no idea what to think about the earthquake that had struck during the ceremony but she had a feeling that it hadn't been natural.

Dorothy had told Gabriela that she needed to seek the advice of a shaman, someone who would be able to tell her how to correct what she had done and how to deal with the ancestors.

Gabriela hadn't told anyone where she was going, she found it hard to share things like this with Daniel and she knew that he didn't believe in the supernatural things that she was raised around.

Taking a final deep breath to calm herself, Gabriela climbed out of the car and shouldered her bag; she wanted to see what the shaman would say when she explained her problem.

Gabriela silently walked through the garden and up onto the porch, she knocked on the door and waited for a moment; she looked around the garden thinking about why she had come.

The sound of the door creaking open made Gabriela look at the doorway where a woman stood, she swallowed nervously as the woman scrutinised her.

"Erm hello... I'm Gabriela Wilson, my grandmother said that you could help me," Gabriela said looking at the shaman, she felt a little nervous and she wished that she had brought her grandmother with her.

The shaman eyed Gabriela for a moment before she nodded her head and allowed Gabriela to step into her home; she continued to stare as if trying to work out why the brunette had come to her.

"What is your problem?" the shaman asked signalling for Gabriela to take a seat, she was surprised that someone had been sent to see her.

"I was meant to get married a few days ago and there was an earthquake," Gabriela said carefully, she messed with the olive wood necklace with circles pendant that lay around her neck again.

The shaman perked up for a moment as she sat across from Gabriela, her eyes locked on the necklace around her neck; she recognised it as a betrothal gift and was sure the wedding was fine.

"Your soul-mate is a lucky man," the shaman said nodding at the gift, it was a little old fashioned and it was rare that she saw anything like that when the young folk all seemed interested in expensive rings now.

Gabriela blinked confused for a moment before she realised that the shaman was referring to, she shook her head a little amused that she thought that Jacob was the man that she was marrying.

"I'm not marrying the one who gave me this... I'm marrying Daniel," Gabriela said trying to explain, she fingered the necklace knowing that Daniel wasn't fond of her doing so since it made her look unconfident.

The shaman pursed her lips, she grabbed a hold of a book and smacked it over Gabriela's head; she glared at the brunette who yelped in pain.

"What was that for?" Gabriela asked rubbing her head, she glared at the shaman wondering why she had just been hit over the head; she had only told her that she wasn't marrying the man that had given her the necklace.

The shaman tutted to herself, no wonder the ancestors all seemed unrested when it came to this woman; she was messing up the future and didn't even know it.

"You are marrying the wrong man... how can you disrespect your ancestors going against their wishes?" the shaman snapped moving away from Gabriela, who stared at her; she swallowed remembering what her grandmother had said on her wedding day.

"I haven't seen Jacob since I was eight..." Gabriela argued, she wasn't sure why everyone kept talking about her decision as if she had strung Jacob along; she didn't know him anymore and hadn't in years.

The shaman sighed and shook her head, she had seen this all before and she hoped that Gabriela would take her advice; the others hadn't and it had only ended in heartache.

"What do I need to do?" Gabriela asked leaning forward, she wanted to marry Daniel and nothing was going to change that; she needed to know how to break this thing off with Jacob so that she could be happy.

The shaman stared at Gabriela, she frowned for a moment as a plan formed in her mind and she knew just what to do.

"You must return to this Jacob, go with him to the place where he gave you that necklace and burn it together," the shaman said making Gabriela stare at her, she hadn't been expecting anything like that and she had hoped for something a little easier.

Gabriela had received the necklace on a fishing trip that her father had taken with Jacob's, it had been years ago and they had stayed at the Black's cabin up in the mountains as a last trip for the two families.

"I have to go back to La Push," Gabriela whispered realising that if this meant that she could marry Daniel without causing anymore issues then she could be happy.


"You're going where?" Emma shouted staring at Gabriela as her friend packed for her trip to La Push, she hadn't been expecting this when she had come over to help reorganise the wedding.

Gabriela continued to pack, she wanted to have everything ready for her flight and she would leave tomorrow; she would tell Daniel when he came home from work for dinner.

"I'm going to La Push to cancel this whole Jacob thing," Gabriela said trying to explain, she peeked at Emma who looked unhappy with her decision; she knew that no one would understand why she was doing this.

Gabriela wanted to make sure that nothing got in the way of her marrying Daniel, if going to La Push and burning her necklace with Jacob was what it took then so be it.

"Are you out of your mind?" Emma asked watching her best friend, she moved to try and stop Gabriela from packing; she had no idea what had made her friend decided that this was going to be a good idea.

Daniel would never agree to this and Emma wanted to make sure that she would have a sister-in-law soon; in her mind Gabriela didn't have to do this and it was all nonsense.

Gabriela nibbled on her lip, she looked at her best friend knowing that it didn't make sense; she was doing this to try and appease her family and it was the only way to clear the feeling that she had.

"Just trust me... I need to do this," Gabriela said taking Emma's hands before her friend could start unpacking for her, she smiled a little hoping that she would understand and not cause her any issues.

Emma frowned, she understand why Gabriela thought that this was happening but it wasn't linked to her ancestors; she opened her mouth to speak when the lights flickered making her pause.

"I'm still going to marry your brother, I love Daniel," Gabriela said moving to continue packing, she had a flight at nine o'clock the next morning and she wasn't going to miss it.

Emma eyed Gabriela, she didn't trust her friend to come back and there was only one way to ensure that she did come back and marry Daniel.

"I'm coming with you," Emma declared making Gabriela stop and look at her, this was the only way that Emma could make sure that her brother would still have a fiancée at the end of this.

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